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5* mandy and some shank bud

Off my tits then, off my tits now

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time now, been caught up in the gears of work. The events before the session are a complete mystery, possibly work, or maybe not, either way this was one for the books. 

Sit-rep: - 2g of some heavy mdma 
             - 13g of a combo of amnesia haze, amg haze and lemon haze
.......plus a lot of booze.

Location - my uncle owns a large grass farm field in the middle of nowhere, stunning location with one big sky line :-)

So me, my bro and my 2 best mates snowy ad lurch arrived at this hidden gem around 7pm, the sun beats down still, the evenings cool reprise a mere  dream. I remember my bro picture framing the view as something out of the walking dead - season 2, the golden grass being tickled by the faintest of breezes, just enough to keep the plague of bugs circling and baying over our heads aloft. After entering the field, we drive to the top and parked up in the grass, perched comfortably on the crest of the hill. The bench was grabbed from the side and the usual routine of setting up incurred. The mandy was strapped and ready to be bombed at a moments notice, 3 eager faces and snowys very stoned one. He dipped out on the mdma and was our sitter. :-) 

40 mins later and me my bro and lurch are rolling hard. Seriously hard. The conversation instantly turns to birds. Babeology not ornathology of course. The conversions runs for what felt like an eternity, my bro laughin uncontrollably, his purple face a violet tribute to the vibes of E. 

10.00 - euphoria is coursing through my body like an electric current, I can't stop grinning at everyone, we all knew the next move. The spliffs were rolled and toked within minutes, followed by another bomb of mandy each. This was going to be some night. The fire bin was lit and we all snugged down on cheap folding chairs, whose new existence was in my car boot. Danny decided to hit the dusty road a while later, leaving myself my bro and lurch. We began talking, but this time the conversation was philosophical and we opened up to eachother like never before, transfixed on both the words being spoken and the shadows dancing and the warm orange glow of the fire. I felt at peace, I felt awakened,  I felt like I was living in the moment. I looked at my bro through the darkness and  remember thinking to myself and wishing him the best things you could wish on a person and telling myself that as a brother he is perfect in every way. My friend lurch as well, his unfaltering generosity and keenness and how as friends we've all never been closer. With lads there always pride involved, but the warm rush of chemicals surfing in my head, were breaking on the shores of my consciousness and all the bravado and ego were washed away. I looked around the semi retarded faces facing back at me, I could tell the other two were riding that same board. 

2.00 - we bomb one last time, this was intense. After rolling another spliff up each, we kick back and stare at the vast open sky, the stars beaming back, like a tapestry of woven silver and gold on black velvet. We were speechless for the rest  of the night, all wallowing in the moment. A night I will never forget, and I now neither will they. Possibly one the best nights I've ever had, recommend mdma with weed.
Cheers for reading

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