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1g White Cap Penis Envy

Mental Journey and Sensory Explosion

I'm typing this now as I get stoned taking rips from my bong, so please bear with me here. I'm typing this trip report 3 days after the trip, and I'm still evaluating what actually happened. To give a little set and setting, this experience would be the 6th journey taken within a 2 month period. Each trip was taken under 1g of penis envy mushrooms, however this trip was from an "albino" batch of the normal penis envy mushrooms I get. This trip was taken with B whom I have tripped with a number of times on various substances. 

So we ate the boomers once we got to B's basement/room. His parents were to be gone for most of the night and we would have the basement and the rest of the house to ourselves. Now... B has a pretty nice house. It feels more "in nature" than I am used to. The house sits next to a sizable forest and is located near a small town with a low population. All in all, it is quite cozy. I didn't think there was any possibility for a bad experience.

Around 15 minutes after consuming our mushrooms, we decide to ride bikes to the nearby river and toke up.  Almost immediately walking outside, I felt a slight shift in perception. Objects seemed somewhat brighter. I had the usual anticipation and pre-trip anxiety that comes with my experiences. At first, riding a bike was difficult as my sense of balance was off. Soon after taking off, I felt an intense euphoria. As the road curved downwards, my bike sped up and my euphoria continued to grow. Everything outside looked amazing to me, despite the gloomy weather. After maybe 5 minutes of bicycle riding, we'd reached a bridge. This was an old school wooden bridge which had been left standing after a newer, more modern bridge had been built. At this point, I am in awe. The river underneath the bridge looked incredible. It's not that I was getting intense visuals or anything, but the water just looked so... intriguing. 

After B and I crossed the bridge and walked down a path towards the river, we roasted a bowl while we waited for our trip to kick in. It felt nice to be close to nature. I remembered how I would play in the woods as a kid. Oddly, the entire time being by the river, my childhood and early life seemed to be the most present topic in my brain. We debated going further into the woods, but decided the weather was a bit too gloomy and that it would be getting dark soon. Within time, the trip had seemed somewhat eerie. There were hundreds of insects flying above us, but not around us. it's as if we were in a bubble that insects were not interested in. Regardless, the humming of insects and gloomy weather was too much for us and we still had an uphill route to ride back on.

Upon reaching the bridge we previously crossed, the mushrooms seemed to kick in. As I'm riding across the bridge at a fair speed, I realize how incredible I feel. I can feel the air molecules flowing across my skin and the oxygen entering my lungs feels deeply satisfying. The wooden boards of the bridge surface waved back and forth while the colors seemed to change into other colors. Upon reaching the other side, B and I decide to race across it once more. I don't think either of us seriously wanted to race, but it felt good to ride faster this time. I could tell my body was getting exhausted, but I didn't care whatsoever. The sense of movement at such speeds while surrounded by beautiful nature was almost overwhelming.

The rest of the bike ride back to B's house was uneventful. The ride uphill was exhausting but not unbearable. Upon reaching B's basement, I could feel the mushroom's body high take hold. It was only T 60 mins at this point. I actually find it kind of funny, because B and I debated eating more mushrooms at this time because we weren't sure how strong the peak would be. Without deciding, we smoked a couple more bowls instead. My body high becomes more intense and I close my eyes. The music seems to control my closed eye visions in an odd manner. For example, Jimi Hendrix's psychedelic guitar effects would take my whole closed eye vision field, and warp into something entirely different while entering portals and flying into geometric structures. My mind's eye had opened tenfold. Anything I wanted to see, I could easily see. I cannot describe closed eye visions to much degree because it is simply too complex for words. In short, CEV were very vivid and intense. 

After a short while delving into my head, I pay more attention to the music. I feel as if I can literally see the sound waves flowing out of the speakers. Every single sound was intensely magnified. It's as if I had gained another sense. I knew exactly where the sound was coming from, how it spread across the room, and how it enters my ears and is eventually registered in my brain as music. All of this was very fascinating, but I knew my trip was still growing. I wondering if I should play guitar, but it seemed so... uninteresting to me. I don't think anything I could have played would have satisfied me nearly as much as Jimi Hendrix or any other music we listened to. 

Eventually, probably T 90 minutes, B and I debate how hard we are tripping. We realize that we are still coming up and that the peak would soon arrive. Shortly after talking, it's as if the mushrooms listened to our discussion. I felt my body high become more intense, like I could feel my body's energy as a glowing ball inside me. I could sense other energy in the room - B, the music. Any slight movement or sound seemed very exaggerated and amplified. I remember looking at the table and seeing strange swirling mixed with geometric patterns. It's as if I could form my own visions inside the grain of the wood. Faces seemed to protrude out of surfaces. At certain points, when the trip felt eerie or if I felt any sense of fear, the faces would take on a demeaning expression. But if I laughed or thought anything was funny, these faces would laugh with me. I found this to be a strange concept and realized that the trip takes on what ever mood that you're in. This all seems so obvious when sober, but when tripping, you have to learn how to maneuver in a different mind space. You feel emotions never felt before and things take on meaning that you might never have previously noticed. 

At a certain point, B and I realized that we were tripping quite hard. We decided to continue smoking, as if it would "chill" us out. We realized we were tripping so hard, so it's like the act of smoking was something to keep us grounded. Every time we would get lost in thought, smoking a piece would bring us back to reality for a minute. In hindsight, this was a dumb concept... because it's basically chain smoking weed through the peak of a mushroom experience. Eventually, after so many bowls and bongs smoked, my thoughts are racing and I continue to get higher and higher. B and I hadn't spoken words in a while, because we felt weird speaking and communication didn't seem important at the time. We simply tripped to ourselves in the same room. It was odd, because I think we actually smoked ourselves into paranoia.

"Is he being weird? Am I being weird? What's weird? Everything is weird!", I thought. Looking back, this is kind of comical, but in the moment I was truly getting worked up about nothing. The silence of the room bothered me. The fact that I could notice every single movement in the room seemed overwhelming. I felt like I was invading B's privacy because I could sense every single breath and motion. It's like we were tripping at the same wavelength from eating the same dosages, doing the same activities, smoking the same amount, etc. I think the amount we smoked combined with the peak of a mushroom trip had put us into some bad vibes. We were sitting in his basement literally getting paranoid about nothing.

A change of environment was needed so we head upstairs to the porch out back. At this point, it's dark out. Upon looking out into his backyard and into the forest, things seemed to move inside of the trees. Because of the darkness, my closed eye visions seemed to overlay across my vision field for a very spectacular view. At this point, I'm remembering back to my childhood again. Every memory seems clear as day and I can understand exactly what caused each event in my life to happen. Every event is connected and has great purpose into the result of my personality. I think this is the reason B and I were very quiet for the peak of the trip... We both had very personal and introspective trips so not much speaking was needed.

As we gazed at the night time sky and trees, we can hear and sense "waves" of wind. What I mean by this is that, normally you can just hear and feel the wind. But we could actually sense where exactly the wind was know which direction it was going. I could visualize the air molecules flowing over the trees in wave like formation. B and I find this incredibly amusing. Never before had wind been perceived in such a way. 

At some point we were back in B's basement. I remember lying down on B's couch while peaking. Thoughts of my family and the state of my life raced through my brain. I realized that a path brought me to this place, and now in the present moment, I have any number of paths ahead of me. I can choose any path and I can stray away into any direction I choose. I realized I need to enjoy the present moment and not get caught up so much in the past. The past already happened, there is no reason to be hung up on it. The future is only what will eventually be present. I felt like I was losing sanity and that my life had amounted to nothing. I thought about all of my relatives and it seemed as if they were all disappointed in me. I started to get very paranoid and anxious during this time. With my eyes closed, I pictured myself spinning into an abyss as I slowly lost my mind. I remembered a friend who gone insane from predisposed conditions and way too much LSD consumption. Would I end up like that? Will life ever be the normal for me again? But then again, what is "normal?"

After what seemed like a long time laying down, I remember getting up and saying "dude, I gotta calm down".... B says "dude yea, me too." I was relieved to know that I wasn't the only one tripping balls. After awhile of chilling in the basement, and listening to the same album 3 times through without changing it, I decide to put on Portugal The Man. B and I found PTM to be a very soothing change of pace in our trip. The previous music was fast and chaotic so the chilling change was very pleasing. It was T 3 hours and we were still tripping nicely. For the end of the peak and start of the comedown, B and I discussed space and time. One phrase that comes to mind is "We are travelers of the past living in the future." It's true because the present is always travelling in the future, therefor the future is now. All of these concepts boggled my mind. Regardless, it was good that B and I were talking because our trips seemed to brighten up a bit. 

After some amount of hours talking about space, time, and the universe, we go upstairs to enjoy a few beers. B and I talked about our peaks a lot and related on the intense paranoia. As said before, it was nice to know that I wasn't the only one feeling crazy off 1g of shrooms. It may be because of the mass amount of weed smoked and the small amount of beer, but I don't remember a whole lot after the peak. However, the peak was so intense that I couldn't possibly forget. It seemed humorous to me that we had gotten ourselves so worked up and paranoid off only 1g and some weed.

We spent the remainder of the comedown watching Steve Brule from Tim and Eric Awesome Show (hilarious) which lightened the mood a bit. If I thought I was being crazy, watching Steve Brule was something to assure me I wasn't. Overall, I can say this trip was a pure mindfuck. I didn't get spectacular kaleidoscopic visions or anything too intense in that sense, but my mind was taken on a real journey and my senses were overloaded with input. 

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed reading and be careful with penis envy's. These penis envy shrooms are no joke. 1g was almost too much for me. 

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