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4.5 grams grounded up


Me and 2 of my friends decided to go on another mushroom trip, but instead of only trying 1.5 grams, we each decided to go for a full eighth.  We ended up calling a 6 other kids to do them with us, 2 of which have already done them before with us earlier in the summer.  We bought about 7 eighths of shrooms, however, they were grounded up which really pissed me off because it became very hard to measure out and eat later on, but it got the job done, and it hit much earlier than the whole ones.

It Was about 10 am, and me and two of my friends, met at one of the houses whose parents were not home, and so we got the scale and measured out each persons amount of shrooms that they had paid for.  By 11 am we had met with the other people, went to 711, bought some snacks, and made our way to a really good spot to do shrooms, that not a lot of people know about besides us.  On the way there, me and my metal-head friends were in one car listening to bands like, Amon Amarth, Down, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Pink Floyd..., and the other group were listening to their music, getting in a good mid set for the trip.  On the way to the spot, a cop went out of his way to try and cut me off and was very close to getting into an accident with me, however i slammed on the brakes, and he waved me on, right when my friend behind me driving passes the cop, his sirens go on, and this scared the living shit out of me, and we immediately hid the mushrooms, in the glove compartment, when we realized that he was pulling my friends car over for not stopping at the stop sign, however we did not know that until we met up with them after.  When the cop left, we cudnt get in touch with them, and we were parked at a building overlooking the road where the cop pulled them over.  As the cop passed, were like thank god, they didn't get in trouble.  When our anxiety was over, the cop turned on his sirens again, and made a u turn heading for us, and this scared me even more, until he kept driving on.  Our friends soon showed up, and we asked what happened and, once we were all calmed down, we began eating the shrooms.  When they were all in our system, we walked over to the back gate of a national park, and made our way to a meeting spot with benches over looking a river and pond.

The area was so beautiful, and the effects effected all of us around the same time.  We then split up int groups, the metal heads and the others, and we (the metal heads) decided to chill for a little bit because we had 4.5 grams,and i was not feeling too good (nausea, weak, upset) and so they left and i decided to take a quick walk by myself and to take tums.  As i was walking, i took out my earphones, and began listening to Sublime, and this made me so happy for some reason, and my sickness went away.  When i reached back to my metal group, we began to hike.  Along the way i would stop and lay down looking at the trees, wile listening to music.
One song in particular Monstrance Clock by Ghost, and as i was looking up at the trees, the leaves began vibrating to the beat of the bass drum, and lowering/raising itself.  Music felt so right at the time.  It does not matter what music it is, if it feels right at that time, listen to it. I found myself listening to music from Dying Fetus, all the way to the rolling stones/sublime.  The whole trip felt right, and there was no other place id rather be then here tripping balls with my best friends. We soon mixed groups again, and i took out my earphones and talked about the beauty in life, and how certain douche-bags really don't appreciate life for what it is, and offer nothing beneficial to this earth.  Also we talked about what time really is, how the government should be run like people like us, who are one with nature, love life, love other people, and respect ourselves and really want to enjoy life, also we talked about, if we had to trip with one person who would it be, and responses where Johnny Depp, Phil Anselmo, Matt Heafy, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, Dax Riggs, Jesus...

Bottom line, Shrooms are amazing in every way possible, i really recommend people to try them at least once, and so that will lead to once a month trips, because they are that incredible.

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