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Mushroom tea

What an experience!

This is about my 7th time with shrooms, and this trip was probably my second most intense one. 

I woke up around 3 in the morning to sneak down stairs and try making a simple mushroom tea. Once the water was boiled i put the heat to simmer and stirred the shrooms for around 15 mins. It was around 30 libs in the pot. With the tea made I sneaked upstairs to drink the tea. 10 minutes after drinking it i got what i thought was the mushroom high, it was very mild so i blamed the tea and decided to just eat them next time. Feeling disappointed i just went to bed as i was very tired. The tea hit me so fast i barely knew what was happening, this huge warm fuzz surged through my body and it felt brilliant! Suddenly realising i was a lot higher than i expected to be i sat there and assessed the situation. Once i was at terms with the high i started to really enjoy it. It was very dark but i swore i was seeing the walls curve in and out, warping and such so i turned the light on. 

I was having very strong visuals staring at the ceiling. The rooms light being in the centre made it a lot more intense, the light was getting brighter and brighter as i started until the entire ceiling was almost white, if i look at the ceiling away from the light it would shift and morph, bulges would extrude out and in, parts of the wall would sift into other parts and at times it looked like the ceiling had detached from the walls, hanging there, twisting and curving. These very strong visuals were only there if i stared at a single point for a few seconds.

Being tired while tripping in a way ruined it, kind of took the fun out of it honestly.

Overall this was a great trip, tea is a great way to get the mushrooms down you faster and it hits you a hell of a lot harder and faster than consuming them!

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