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a letter to a friend

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Dear Mr. Marcel, You always said you wanted to be there for my first trip. Well, I tripped on Friday night and as you couldn't be there, I figured I would write you and tell you all about the experience. I ate a half eighth of shrooms around 8 p.m. During the first hour, it was like a really nice weed high, I felt relaxed, comfortable, you know the feeling. Well by the second hour I was tripping hard. For the beginning of my trip I went very into myself. As time went on my mind began to tie itself in knots, and moving too fast for me to keep up with. I came to all sorts of \\\"realizations\\\" that I really can't explain. It was like a mental roller coaster. There were moments of sadness every once in a while in the beginning, but even those were insightful and I didn't mind them. No matter how lost in confusion I would get I remember always coming back to the same conclusion of: \\\"it doesn't matter\\\" or \\\"it is what it is\\\" as my friend Kris puts it. I had some minor visuals but fun nonetheless. Walls seemed to breath, the ceiling seemed to move in waves, and purple dots occasionally popped up on people's faces. What was cool was that I had some degree of control over my hallucinations. As the hours went by and my trip faded away I remember being overwhelmed with a sense of tranquility, and peace. Everything was in it's right place. By about 2 a.m. my trip was pretty much over. I fell asleep easily and woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. I felt more mature, like I had gained some new wisdom that I can't quite put my finger on. So to sum it all up shrooms pretty much blew my mind. And as some rap song that was appropriately playing towards the end of my trip put it: \\\"if you don't understand it I can't explain it\\\". But I am sure you understand it. So what next then? Well, the idea of trying Acid has definitely become a lot more appealing to me, and the idea of taking ecstasy has become a lot less. Do respond either via e-mail or a phone call. I look forward to seeing you for spring break. take care. Your friend, Danny

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