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20 Grams of Fresh Galindoi/Georgia ATL#7

Half man, half beast.

I did not eat much during the day before I ate my sclerotia because I was afraid of getting a bad stomach ache (this was the first time I've eaten sclerotia...also, the first time I ate dried cubes I had some pretty bad stomach pain and its been a fear ever since). I was also not convinced that these would be very potent. It had been a while since I'd tripped, so that added to the slight anxiety. I should also note that I experienced this trip entirely by myself, which was a little bit stupid, but I literally do not know anyone where I live now, so I just had to trust myself.

I began eating at about 15:30pm. The first few grams were easy, but the sour/bitter aftertaste began to build, making it more difficult to ingest more. I was washing it down and clearing my palette with orange juice. I originally was only going to do 13 grams, but somehow it seemed like a good idea to just eat 7 more grams instead of waiting. That's what happens when you haven't tripped in a long time and are chomping at the bit (and don't have anyone there to remind you not to be stupid). I finished eating them at about 15:50 or 15:55. The last time I tripped (on cubes), they took about 45 minutes to give me a headache and another 45 before I got high. I was already beginning to feel the sclerotia by 16:10.

I browsed the internet for a bit and began losing track of time. I got up to get some tasty seltzer water and noticed my legs were already feeling springy and my balance was slightly off. I got my water and went out on my porch. I was, of course, enjoying looking at the trees and bushes...then I noticed the grass below was "breathing." I was thinking to myself "wow these kicked in really fast!"

I went back inside but my head was nagging me to go back out - and to disconnect. No phone, wallet, or keys. Just me and my water (took me forever to drink it). I wandered around my apartment complex, mostly avoiding people because I felt that I was walking rather slow and my giant pupils were a dead giveaway that I was high as a kite. My apartment complex is kind of big, with paths and lots of trees/shrubbery and I haven't explored it much yet. I actually picked the location because, other than the price, I knew it would be nice to shroom out here. It's gated so I knew I couldn't get too lost. I ended up finding a nice table under an umbrella in a part of the complex I didn't even previously know existed. I was really feeling trippy.

I looked down at the cement, which normally has a kind of strange pattern to it, not like regular sidewalk. It was flowing like an oily liquid. I watched an ant scurry through the liquid and wondered what the consciousness of an ant is like. All the while, I was hearing even the faintest noises in the distance...and my vision seemed to be translating into sounds on top of this. I was getting completely lost in this flowing liquid sidewalk when BOOM! It must have been an electrical transformer overheating not far away. It shook me up pretty good and a couple of people came out of their apartments to see what was going on. Luckily nobody came up to talk to me or ask me anything. I was getting increasingly high and I needed to pee, so I decided to head back to my apartment.

I got a little bit lost, but wasn't too worried. I saw a cat outside someone's door (no pets allowed here) and thought it was pretty cute, but also looked like it needed a bath. When I approached it hissed at me and I decided to leave it alone. Finally got back to my place and figured I'd just ride it out. I figured this must be the peak of my high...This was only the very beginning.

Some time between then, laying on my floor laughing at the ceiling, and....well, I don't really know when, I had an urge to take my clothes off. I felt very animal. I felt like a minotaur, or some kind of half-man, half-beast. Shortly thereafter I began breathing heavily I felt kind of like a bull before the gate opens at the rodeo, ready to buck, ready to take control, and a force of nature to be reckoned with. I felt so incredibly animalistic and barely human. At another point I switched from a bull to a goat, but more of a mountain goat or ibex than a regular goat. I decided that there is no such thing as "human," it's just a lie we tell ourselves. We are all animals and belong in nature, but we are deluded into wanting to be humans and act like humans.

When I looked at anything with even the slightest bumps or unevenness to it, it turned into a fractal. I went into my kitchen and the (fake) wood grain on my cabinets appeared to flow. More liquid solids. It became very obvious to me that I need to focus on my legs more in my workout routine and that I've been focusing to much on my upper body. It was so simple, it didn't even feel like I had figured it out myself, but that I had just been told it by another entity.

Every time I had to go pee (a lot of times), I would look in the mirror and see myself as a human who is covering up my animal nature/self. Shaving, especially, seemed like the stupidest and ugliest grooming mistake one could make. For any body part, and for women as well. My hair looked crisp, wavy, and shiny. I wanted it to grow more. I still want it to grow more.

I lay down on my bed and looked at the wall. It immediately "fractalized" and I wondered how far into the fractal I could go. I stared into it and went deeper until all I saw were rainbow pyramids/triangles floating against a pure white background. I wish that I could see what my pupils looked like at this point. I got a little bit worried that I was going too deep and I might screw my eyes up or something and moved my eyes around, bringing me back out of the fractal wall. Things start to get fuzzy here. My stomach hurt incredibly bad and I wanted to stop being high. I calmed myself and remembered to just let the experience happen, but my stomach still hurt really fucking bad. I think next time I am going to make tea out of the sclerotia, as I believe their hard, nutty texture is part of why they gave me such indigestion.

At one point, I did not even feel as though I was controlling my body's movements, but that it was just moving and I was observing from inside it. My body lay in the supine position and then my arms reached out to my side. Suddenly, my back arched to bring my chest up from the bed, my palms were facing up and my arms remained on the bed. I don't remember if anything happened right after this, I just remember getting up to go pee (again) and feeling, more than ever, like a Satyr. I felt the need to form my hands into this weird, claw position which I have never done before. It felt like this was going to make my hands grow (I really have no idea why, or why I wanted to do this). Likewise, I had an urge to stand using mostly my toes and/or to flex my toe tendons rather than using the balls and heels of me feet as I normally do.

I know this sounds like some kind of possession, but I really don't believe in that stuff...I really have no idea why I felt the need to do these things but the animal inside me, or my animal-self, really felt like this was the thing to do.

Anyway, it wasnt long before I was back lying down on my bed, hugging my pillow and trying not to think of my stomach when I finally closed my eyes. I found myself looking at a giant, muscular half-man, half-beast who was sitting on a throne, of sorts. Behind him (or it....he/it may have been a male or a hermaphrodite, I'm not sure. But it was NOT female) was a background of deep crimson red, and its figure was mostly just a silhouette against that red. The beast had a raw, powerful, and even sexual aura. I remember that I either approached or my viewpoint zoomed in on the beast's face. It's fur was black and I could ever so slightly see it's eyes reflecting a tiny bit of light back at me. Its nose/snout was also more visible than the rest of it. From what I remember, it looked like the nose of a bull, which would make the beast a minotaur...but, later on it hit me that this beast also strongly resembled the image of Baphomet, and its horns were more like those of an ibex than a bull. I also considered that the beast was the god Pan, or that it was something else altogether. I didn't think of or research any of this until much later on when I could actually think straight.

 The beast did not feel evil, but most definitely emanated power in every sense of the word. I remember its nostrils flaring as it looked at me. It was telling me something (telepathically) like "you're not worthy," "come back when you're less insignificant," or maybe "you have not fully embraced you animal nature"  Suddenly my eyes opened and I was hit with adrenaline. For a few minutes I didn't even feel high anymore and I thought my trip was over, but it crept back.

I spent the rest of the trip slowly coming down and the stomach pain also slowly eased. I was extremely confused by this theme of half-man, half-beast that followed me throughout the trip and by 23:00 I was googling, but my attention-span was pretty short. I was feeling quite energetic as my high wore off, but managed to get to bed a little after midnight.

I wouldn't call it an especially "good" trip, with all the stomach pain and meeting the beast was a little scary, although I knew I was not in danger. It wasn't a "bad" trip either, I'm very glad to have had it and I experienced some profoundly beautiful sights, sounds, and feelings. All-in-all, I guess it was just a very interesting trip that answered a lot of questions and brought up a lot more.

P.S. I was not naked this entire time. I don't remember exactly when, but I eventually felt really cold and remembered why clothes are useful.

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