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An Audience With The Ancients

First Level 5 Trip

To understand my trip you have to know that i have been traumatized as a child and allot of this trauma i have blocked away from myself

I have taken mushies before but nothing ever like this in my entire life, i neither regret it nor do i love it. all i am is thankful that i did it.

Setting: In my wooden room with loads of psychedelic artwork and my personal mix of tripping music, mainly bob marley and the small faces.

Prep: squeezed out 1.5 lemons into a cup and put 3.4 to 3.5 grams of the powdered mushrooms (Aussie Gold Top Mushies) in the juice, let this sit for 10 minutes. Fasted for 24 hours before drinking the Lemon Tek Mushie Mix

11:45 am
I drink the lemon mushie mix down slowly over 10 minutes or so

I feel some old memories and emotions stirring, everything has a distance more then usual.

Im definetly tripping the knots in the wooden planks of my walls and roof are coming alive, i feel as if the trees that made my room had soaked up the spirits of the dead (animals, plants and some mystic beings) and they were looking at me through the planks of wood communing with my now tripping self, and i come to the realisation that their is no beginning to life and no end we have all merely existed forever (our souls not our physical form)

all of a sudden the knots in the wood starting shifting and sliding as if it was a moving river, my open eyed visuals were becoming a bit too much for me so i decided to meditate with my eyes closed and loose myself to the music.

i dont know the time after this as it felt like it was a whole lifetime.
I was starting to panic a little.
I Prayed to god for guidance and protection cause i knew i had never felt anything like this before. after i had prayed i felt such an intense euphoria and i felt my soul leave my body. I was being rocketed upward too fast even for a rocket, i was flying through dimensions that i had never known to exist, eventually i stopped flying and i was in the hall.
If you have ever played World OF Warcraft then think of the night elves crossed with the dwarves and the druid/shamanism of the big walking cow characters ( lol didnt really play them too much so cant remember the name) now you have to imagine what kind of place all 3 of them would be comfy to live life in.
Lots of animal pelts, the hall was actually inside some massive tree or trees, so many greens and blues everywhere i felt like i was at the centre of life itself.

I didnt have a body at this stage i was just in the hall, i suddenly became aware of these ancient beings that must have been having some massive important meeting and i had heard secrets that no one should hear, i dont remember them but i knew something wasnt right they were taking me somewhere i couldnt fathom.

I opened my eyes and i was in my bedroom, everything was alive in my room, i instantly closed my eyes and knew that i was just going to have to go with it. I was once again rocketing back through space and time through the different dimensions back to the hall. The Ancient beings were their and this time i didnt fight them i knew god was with me and that this was meant to be.
Suddenly im no longer in the hall im travelling no through dimensions and universes but through what i beleived time itself. I had snakes and lizards crawling around my body i was scared and thought this was the devil for some time, this lasted for what seemed forever. after a while i accepted that just because in the bible satan takes the form of a snake doesnt necarilly mean the snakes are evil , and i disconnected the devil from the reptile images.

I remembered as a child all the stories of the Aborigines and the rainbow serpent and thought what if these snakes and lizards were friendly and were here to guide me. I saw a Massive and i mean ENORMOUS NOTHING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE HAVE I SEEN SOMETHING THIS BIG!!! A giant Snake nay it was a giant Serpent, it was rainbow and yet silver and white, almost as if it was colour itself not a specific one, it came up to me and looked into my eyes.

I was not Afraid. I knew what i would see from here on would change me forever.
The Serpent swallowed me whole, it was careful not to bite me with its fangs but lovingly took me into its soul. I remember feeling the intestines of the serpent push me from head to toe, i lost myself to the small compressions and just ecstatic, i was so at peace nothing could hurt me anymore, as i traveled further into its belly i felt my soul disintegrating, i felt as if i was becoming less of me and more of the serpent, as time passed i lost connection to my human soul and became one with the Serpent. I dont know how long this lasted but after a while i felt myself as the serpent coming to an end.

I was suddenly in a green fertile field, i dont remember finding myself just that i was their. i felt connected to the earth like never before, i laid their forever, the grass i was lying on slowly started growing through my body and flowers took root in my lungs and torso, the pushed through my skin with no pain or anguish, it just happened and i loved every second of it, if this is what it is to die and become one from which we came then i am fine with it, because i knew i wasnt going to end even though my soul form was becoming one with the landscape.
the flowers bloomed and i was at peace.

I suddenly started coming back more to my self, i had memories of my life again and i knew i could open my eyes and stand up etc, i didnt though i wanted everything from this trip as possible. I take Mushrooms for healing not for tripping and all of the above i was accepting death as a part of life.

After a while i was feeling less and less good about myself, every minute i could feel more anxiety coming on and i knew i had to talk to my confidant, i had to bear my soul to her, to have her accept me for all i am and listen to all my past trauma that had come up during the trip.

1pm ( looked at the clock)

I started by telling her any untruthes no matter how small, how i realised how much her and a couple of other people were to me, and i didnt know what to do withought them in my life. I told everything about my fears and sorrow. I wont go much into the talk because that personal.

after the talk it was around 1:30 to 2 pm

I felt utterly exhuasted mentally and physically . I dont know how to say this but i was suddenly 4 years old and i needed someone to tuck me into bed and put music on for me to sleep and calm down. this took a while but once i had some bob marley muse going and i was tucked in i just wanted to sleep.

sleep never came

i was tormented by my fears from when i was little. no matter what i did i couldnt relax. an hour passed and i wasnt feeling much better.
She came to check on my every so often to make sure i was fine. for some reason knowing someone was thinking about me as i was trying to sleep comforted me and scared me. i wanted to run upstairs and shake everyone in the house so they would feel how i did. i knew this was just all the pain i had occumulated over my life.
I remember reading a trip report where someone had a similiar experience to me and came out fine and that all the bad emotions that i was feeling now was just meant to be fealt because of how i had blocked it out completely.
another hour passed although it seemed more like 4
i was feeling a little better but was still tormented and terrorized by my memories.

I decided to take a vitamin c tablet cause i remember someone telling me to if the trip got to much for me. another half hour later i started feeling allot better then normal wether it was placebo or not im keeping the vit c around whenever i trip in the future. i also downed about 14 grams of Valerian root , a minor herbal sedative used for anxiety and insomnia.

after another hour
i was feeling pretty much back to my old self i still was exhuasted but my fear was not tensing my muscles anymore and i finally was able to relax.
I felt perfectly fine after it was 6pm

This Trip changed my life for the better.
I feel as if i was a caterpillar and now im a butterfly ( although im one of the more manly ones :p)
Thank you TheKandyShop for selling me the tools to work through so much trauma i really feel like im a new man. you have saved my life.

I was blind but now i see.

For those that bother to read this one bloody long trip report, do not let this turn you off shrooms just don't take it like i did, i would definitely do this again but i would have to prepare myself allot more before hand as i knew i could have done allot more to improve my chillax mood on it.
Although one thing i will say i probs wont do it with the lemon juice hahaha it kicks in way to fast for me to realize whats going on.

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