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my first level 5 trip. oh man


woo... what a crazy night.. 2 nights ago i finally got my hands on some shrooms. so i decided im gonna eat some didnt have a scale so couldnt really scale out how much i ate but my dealer said each cap was a little over 2gs. i decided i was gonna start off with one cap. it was around 10 pm iwas with alot of people they had some moonshine.. so i got tempted to drink quite a bit then i was offered a few dabs couldnt resist. about an hour later the shrooms slowly start kicking in i felt really happy enjoying conversations with everyone then we all decided to go home. i got in the car (i was the passenger) then it hit me.on the way home woo.. i felt like i was in a space ship going to space. but what was really weird i forgot to mention right before we left it seemed as though everyone was staring at me and clapping i convinced myself i was in a reality show for a few minutes. then everyone kept saying "how does it feel? to find the meaning of life?" i was like huh. then we left. then i kept thinking about "the meaning of life" then i thought i found it. i remember thinking "i figured it out.. the meaning of life is.. why not?" lol doesnt make any sense but in my head at the time the meaning of life was to do whatever u wanted too why not?. then we got home. i remember running through space and then i was in heaven. i dont remember much but my room mate told me i got up out of nowhere and punched him in the face nearly knocking him out then i spat on him and said i hated him lol. they also said i threw a beer bottle at the tv it no longer works. then i wake up im in a room it was dark i felt trapped i thought i was in a room with no doors i loss sense of reality. thats all i remember from that night thought i would share lol figured the story was gonna be alot longer but oh well

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