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Amazing First Shroom Trip

I became a kid once again

Before this trip i was experience with LSD and 25c and had had my fair share of trips. I really wanted to try magic mushrooms to see what they could offer me and i felt comfortable enough with starting with an eighth. Me and my friends A J and C all decide to do shrooms together for the first time for all of us. They had done acid before like i have but not anything else. They decide to take a half eighth each and i decide to have an eighth to have a true mushroom experience. We all plan to go to a really chill park by the beach on a saturday morning.

I start the day by picking my friends up at around 11 am and we all park somewhere in the neighborhood to measure out eachtothers share. We were also giving some to another friend who had to meet us at a parking lot restaurant so we had to go drive there after weighing the doses and meet our friend. He kept calling us but couldn't find us at the parking lot even though we were like 10 feet or so away and he even opened up a strangers car in the parking lot which had us all dieing of laughter. He finally sees us and we give him the shrooms and drive off and park to eat our shrooms. Everyone was feeling great and i knew this would be a great trip. We eat them and then start walking to the park where we find C's parents sitting down. They see us and we go talk to them and realize that we should go walk somewhere else. By this time it had been 30 minutes or so after eating them so we had start to feel the effects. We decide to go to the local pier and sit on a bench overlooking the water. This is when we all start peaking and start laughing uncontrollably. I had the biggest grin on my face and was giddy and was in the best mood ever. I had more euphroria than when i had taken mdma. I rest my feet on the horizontal bars over the water and i soon see and feel my feet merge and become one with the ocean and its waves. I could feel the vibrations of the oceans and it was fantastic. In the sky i could see countless egyptian art style eyeballls looking at me and in the water i remember seeing a face appearing from no where that made me die of laughter. We stay there for another 15 minutes or so until my other friend L arrives (who doesnt take shrooms) and we go back to the park.

By the time we get to the park i am tripping balls and can hardly walk straight and am permagrinned. I am having an absolute blast. I felt as if my friends werent having as fun as i was because they didn't seem so happy but i wish they were because i was having so much fun. We sit on a bench and just stare without talking. The ground is moving and my feet move with the ground and everything i see kind of moves in the same pattern its hard to describe. I could tell that one of my friends was a little uneasy who took about 2 grams. we decide to sit on tje grass where no one can really see us and we just trip. This is the part where i had most of my deep thoughts and meaningful thoughts during my trip. I thought about when i was a kid maybe 4 or 5 years old and how amazing and beautiful life was and i thought of my little brother who was 6 at the time and i reflected on a time when i ignorantly called him dumb when he said something to me and he said to me "no ur so dumb ur so dumb" (but in a nagging tone like he wanted to play with me) and then i relived that memorie through his tear and i realized that he was right and that i was very very wrong and foolish. and i remembered when i was a kid and i called my mom dumb and she said no i was the dumb one and i realized that kids arent so dumb after all. its really hard to explain this but this was so meaningful to me and i started crying uncontrollably and i dont remember every crying as hard as i did this day. I just wanted to see my brother and tell him that i was sorry and i wouldn't stop crying for nearly half an hour. I understood the beauty of being a child and i had been ignoring my little brother like he was a pest and i felt so guilty and ashamed.

Besides this i had an ego death but not so intense i believe because ive had my ego shattered a lot of times before this but i also realized how we are programmed to live our lives a certain way like in school we all just do what everyone else does to fit in and then once we are out of school and adults into the real world we are like "wellllll what do i do now?" and all you remember is all the times youve been told to get a job and do this and live your life that way so then you mindlessly go out and start your "life" the way youve been programmed to do and people don't even realize it and this mad me very sad but grateful that i can see this. I also learned how bullies are single handedly ruining our world. When you are very young you are accepting and don't normally make fun of people but then one day someone makes fun of you and laughs at you and then you feel bad and the need to fit in. If no one ever made fun of other people then there would be no need to fit in and no need to be like everyone else. If no one riducouled another then being different would be fitting in instead of mindlessly doing what everyone else does.

I also realized how fucking dumb high school kids are.

I talked for what seemed like an hour to my friends about my ideas about the universe and how we got here in the first place and how this is almost like a video game where we are born and we have an avatar and we can do whatever we want in this life. My friends werent enjoying the trip as much as i was and they even stated that it was like marijuana but u can kind of see stuff wobble. This kind of made me frustrated because i was having this deep meaningful experience and trying to tell them my ideas but they kind of laughed it off like they didn't understand. I still don't think they understand the significance of a psychedelic trip but oh well. Besides that I felt one with the universe and everything was perfect. My friend who wasnt tripping goes to starbucks and brings back cake pops which are sooooooooooo delicious they are like dense little sugary desert balls and i had too and they were one of the best things i had ever tasted in my entire life. Once we are coming down we decide to go back to my car and take some dabs. While doing so, a family walks outside their house and the dad says "oh look theyre smoking in the car" literally 10 feet away from us and we kind of all sketch out and leave from my car and walk away. I kept thinking that they were gonna ccall the cops or something after we left but i was just being paranoid and everything ended up being ok.

All in all I got to be a loving kid again for the day and got a great perspective of the universe and had a great experience.

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