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Misery and Anguish

first short bad trip

This Trip report is not of my entire trip, just a small discussion

 about my first bad tripping experience which lasted about 5 

minutes. overall the trip was amazing, fun and inspirational.

dosage:3 grams of dried penis envy

a funny thing that occurs when i'm on mushrooms is i use combinations of words that i would usually think where not in my normal vocabulary. i kept repeating %u201Cmisery and anguish%u201D while curled up in bed. This bad trip only lasted about 5 minutes right before i turned on tv, watched prison break and laughed my ass off at the characters funny faces. 

   another phrase i said was %u201Ci'm lost at the end of time and space%u201D i even thought of an image that looks like the feeling. its an elongated teardrop which has nothingness behind it but negative and positive feelings emotions and ideas pelting it from ahead.

   this feeling is essentially a total loss of confidence. This is your mind not knowing how to deal with loss of confidence, caves in on itself then turns into something beautiful%u2026 ego loss.

    i felt completely worthless. i felt like i had no talent. i felt so alone. i felt like my friends where no longer my friends and that nothing would ever be the same. then i turned of the t.v. and phased into another form of thinking. which was laughter.

    i think the stillness of the air, the quietness of the house, being alone in the house and curled up in bed caused this form of thinking



-remember, you think therefore you are. You can control your emotion. 

-always remember that bad trips do not last forever

-play with an animal, go outside, or turn on the television. anything that changes the atmosphere your in.

-always remember someone loves you, and you may think your friends hate you.. but your just tripping :) keep calm and trip on

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