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Reality? Time? What are you talking about? Group of 4-trip

5 grams ~ Cubensis

Trip Group: F, G, D and me. A was there, but sober.


Trip Date: 9-9-13


Trip with: 5 grams of Cubensis mushrooms each.


Trip location: Outdoors. Surrounded by trees and grass. There was a lake as well.


Consumption time: We ate the shrooms around 2pm.


Start of trip: Effects started to kick in around 2:45pm.


Peak and duration of trip: Effects started to be very intense at around 3:15 or so. It was hard to know exactly due the high dose and effects being strong. Peaking lasting till about 8:00pm or so.


Coming down: After 8pm the come down started to happen, effects were still felt (on a decrease) until around 10-11pm. The end of the comedown was very negative for some reason for F and D, but especially for F. It was okay for G and me.


Recorded (recalled) hallucinations:

These will be more explained in the detail of the trip.

Me: I will explain these more in detail later. These were my hallucinations: Breathing effect on pretty much everything around. Considerable big waving on grass. Color distortion (green becoming intense and twice everything becoming blue. Heavy time dilatation, at some points feeling lost in time. Seeing faces on the trees (both among the leaves and curiously, on the highest part of the trunk) Massive mind expansion. Looking at faces would like pixelate, like seeing the energy constantly forming the face and moving around to keep the face to look the same. Very lightness feeling, like in a lucid dream, loss of reality perception.  Realizations about how small and insignificant we are at a Universal level, how meaningless our reality is.


F: Effect of waves of energy when looking at a certain direction.  Everything congested and expanded very lightly. Time became meaningless, value became meaningless.  Realization of all existence being an illusion.


G: Quoted from G: “The shrooms provided my theories of how much of an illusion this ‘reality’ it is. I felt a lot of love and bliss. This was more of a mental trip for me rather than a visual.”


D: Not much recall, heavy feelings of dreaming, feelings of being able to overcome any challenged.  Quoted from D: "The peak felt like complete bliss, happiness... it was so intense I started laughing and crying"


Trip report in detail:

I am going to base the report in my own experience mainly, as I am the one writing it. A drove us four to a very nice park with lots of trees, lots of grass and a very nice lake. Despite it has been very hot lately, the day of the trip was partially sunny and there was a very nice breeze, it felt awesome just before we even tripped.

We skipped lunch to be on an empty stomach. G also skipped breakfast. We each had five grams of Cubensis shrooms, all grown by F! We had the shrooms with Orange Juice.  D felt nauseous for about 30 minutes. G, F and myself did not feel nausea.

About 45 minutes after eating the shrooms, the trip started. G was checking on us if we felt something. D and I did, but F was still not there.

I started to see breathing on the grass. The grass had the same effect as the sea waves, but it was very peaceful and very evenly. I felt a lot of bliss and happiness as the shrooms were kicking in harder. I could feel how the energy around my arms and legs was escalating and I felt more and more energized. I had a couple jolts of energy, they usually happen at the beginning of all my trips for some reason, but the jolt was not very strong this time, which is great.

My mind was expanding fast and I started to get that feeling of being able to control everything with my mind and I greeted my mind as a “I am so glad to see you back.” My thoughts were going at high speed, but all positive and very amazing thoughts, I was so happy to be at that state. I cannot recall all my thoughts now, but it was all about how meaningless this so called reality is, and how little and insignificant the human being is. I started to question the purpose of the very Universe and the infinite Universes within other Universes.  I recalled a memory as when I was a kid, to not destroy a flower, as there could be countless universes within… after all, we cannot see beyond the tiny particles that form an atom… I realized we might just be a tiny fraction of an atom to something greater… and that something greater is still a fragment of something even greater… and so on for an infinite amount of times.

I had this state of mind for a long time and allowed my mind to go wild.

As I gazed into the trunk of one tree, I could see the face on an elder human being, but it had the same colors as the trunk itself and It felt to me it was the very consciousness of the tree. The face was sitting in a meditative state, staring into the horizon.  I found it to be amazing. I could see the trees connected to each other, sending waves of energy among themselves and very powerful. I could also see faces forming among the leaves and the branches of the trees. At some points, these faces were crystal clear, cleared than what we perceive as reality. The faces were looking into every direction and there were like communicating among themselves, it felt to me there was some sort of speech going on.

I had a couple times a very strange visual. The intensity of the green increased dramatically, to the point that it was very vivid, not a type of green we normally see. Suddenly, everything started to become blue, it is the same exact effect as if you take the red color from the RGB option in Photoshop. For a few moments, everything looked in different tones of blue, until I blinked and went back to “normal coloring.”

I had to go to the public restroom, so I grounded myself to not call attention. It was a little hard at first, but I was able to control pretty well. As I walked and I felt the breeze in my face, I felt I was in a lucid dream, I felt splendid, it was a very strong positive feeling, I felt free, without any oppositions, I was in the here and now. I wanted to spread my arms.  I reminded myself there were more people around and that I shouldn’t call attention. When I washed my hands in the restroom, the soap gave me a huge jolt that even my ears buzzed. As I walked back to where we were hanging out, it felt like hours passed for me. I loved that. I love to prove how meaningless and fake time is. I needed to focus to know how to go back to where we were hanging out, as I was a little disoriented.

We were hanging out there for several hours, laughing nonstop all evening. A told me she has never seen me laughing so much. The energy was amazing and seeing others tripping (especially G) made it an even greater blast.

Everything felt much greater than it really is and very insignificant at the same time. A mentioned the time a couple times and it felt very weird, as I felt time was not needed. I just felt a lot of joy.

Almost at the end of the trip, I tasted some snacks (Secret Stash is called) and it tasted like cardboard (while I normally like, they are salty.) G also tasted a cracked from F and he could not eat it stating, “What is this crap you are giving me man…?”

This is pretty much the trip, there was more, but this is all I can recall.


Amazing… incredible amazing. At the end of the day, I just wanted to lay down and meditate, thinking of the experience I had and dozing off to sleep.  The end of the trip was not as pleasant for F and D, but it was very well worth it.

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