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A Trip Down the Illinois

Yesterday I went down the Illinois River with my cousin Jon.

Yesterday I went down the Illinois River with my cousin Jon. There was a certain amount of anxiety because I had decided not to tell him that I had mushrooms. The reason for that is because I only had about 15 grams wet, and plus he had just been recently "saved" in rehab, so I didn't want to shove it in his face. But the anxiety quickly dissolved as the effect started to kick in....whoah.....

Earlier that morning I had grinded the fresh mushrooms (South American) in lemon and lime juice. I placed the mixture in a water bottle and tossed it in my back-pack. It took about 2 hours to get there, so the shrooms had been steeped in the juice for quite some time upon ingestion.

After setting up and buying some beer, I went into the bathroom and drank the "juice" and chased it with Mt. Dew (by the way...I am a 5'7" 140 lb. male of 25 years) We then got on the bus and proceeded to the docking area. By the time we were on the water (10 min. from ingestion) I was feeling that tickling, pressurized sensation in my chest and head. I was starting to trip. This part of the trip always puts me a little on edge...it took about 30 min for the edge to dissipate. I hardly said a word that whole time...too intense.

Then I look up and all the leaves are ALIVE...like one giant organism. The weird part was that the trees only moved in a certain area when I looked AT that area. It was like I was controlling the trees. And they were being playful in return...it was as if they had a mind. If I would have been tripping a little harder, I have no doubt we would have been communicating.

Then there were the fish. That was just insane. They were huge, dark shapes moving...just plain trippy...very odd. And the minnows on the bank were weaving VERY intricate patterns around the rocks of black, white, red and brown. It was as if the minnows were weaving according the the size and color of the rocks...in some infinitely complex manner that I had no idea of how to even begin to interpreting.

I was scared to drink alcohol with the mushrooms because I wasn't sure what it would do to the psilocybin. But you know what? It did absolutely nothing. After about 4-5 beers the trip was full blown. Fractal patterns in the clouds and distant trees. Kaleidescope designs on the surface of the water with reds, purples and blues...fractal designs in the rocks on the bank...shit, designs everywhere. And BREATHING of the forests and bigger plants.

And with the beer, the trip became increasingly playful. The anxiety I had about not letting my cousin in on my little secret was totally gone, instead I got into some heavy (or what seemed heavy) discussions about everything. And a lot of fitful, spastic laughter...the cool thing was that my cousin also found what I though was funny to be funny also. A playful trip is the only way I can describe it. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about.

I hate country, but that's the only thing that would come in on the radio. I'll tell you this much, it was the best music ever! And honestly, I don't think that I will look at certain country songs the same way ever again. I know for a fact, that until the day I die, every-time I hear those songs I will think about that day.

I highly recommend tripping on a river...a lazy river, not rapids...I think that would freak me the fuck out. I wouldn't know what to do I don't think. I had a hard enough time figuring out which way to paddle the raft.

But all in all, I just wanted to share my experience and get it off my chest. And on a side note: the lemon juice DOES work. I haven't tried currant juice, but I am looking forward to it. The river trip was a very playful, enjoyable and memorable experience. If you ever have the chance. Do it!

Thanks for reading and I would be obliged to read any comments or related experiences you have had. Adios ;)

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