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Teleported into DXM Reality

Euphoria ingulfs me while paranoia lurks on the corner.

T:9:15 PM,Took 40 Pills of Tussin Forte(800 mg of DXM) in the central park,with 3 friends that were going to take care of me.

T+45min.:Starting to feel slightly nauseated and dizzy.

T+1h,15 min.:Vomited,nausea temporarily disappears.

T+1h,30 min.:I don't remember exactly when the trip started,but I'm already trippin' balls and my friends aren't there with me anymore,many CEVs and several auditory hallucinations accompanied by few visuals.

At this time,I've also forgot that I was actually tripping,so I started a monologue with myself that was going on like this:

''Hey,Grigore,what time is today?'' 

''I don't know,maybe the kitchen crossed the street this afternoon.''

I was having the time of my life,laughing and feeling incredible,until I started hearing some people calling my name,I became nervous and decided to find a shelter,a place where they couldn't see me.

T+3h(maybe) I'm standing in front of a mushroom house in the fun zone for little children located in the central park and few guys saw me tripping and thought that I was drunk as hell.

T+3h,30 min. I manage to find the entrance in the mushroom and get inside,where I start singing for no reason until I laugh so hard that I cannot breathe and start singing again and the cycle repeats.

T+4h One of my school colleagues was riding his bike in the park and he became suspicious of what he was hearing from the little mushroom house.

He came to the mushroom and asked who is inside,in that moment,I started laughing like a shithead without being able to stop,he got mad and dragged me out of the mushroom,yelling at me that I got drunk again and that I must get a life.

He ended up taking care of me,I vomited again with my eyes closed and I was feeling extremely good,the simple act of vomiting made me even more euphoric,staid with him 2 more hours until he had to go home and then I met few girls that also thought that I'm drunk and decided to make fun of me.

I flirted with all of them,even if I couldn't see their face clear and I was also seeing double,so,they had like 4 eyes,2 noses and shit like that,I didn't care anyways,I was having fun.

I don't remember what happened next,I lost them or they lost me and I ended up sleeping in the cemetery.

At around 6AM in the next day,I woke up with the most wonderful afterglow that I've ever had and,actually,I was still tripping a bit,got home,ate something and laughed at everything that I remembered from last night.

Also,couldn't urinate in the next day,but in the day after the next day,I was becoming able to pee again.

I had the time of my life exploring the DXM world,I can't wait to do it again! :D

Peace. ~Grigore

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