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My first trip


I'd wanted to try shrooms really badly and so did my friends. So me being the outgoing one researched liberty caps for a year until I was certain about which mushrooms to pick and where they grow. Now it's shrooms season and I'm searching for shrooms but had no luck until my friend told me he came across some a few miles away from home. So we rounded up the boys and drove to a place up in the hills where the sheep graze. We opened the gate and walked into the field and after just a few steps I realised that we were absolutely surrounded by shrooms for a good mile radius. WE HAD HIT THE JACKPOT! We picked and picked and picked for days until we had thousands of the little beauties! This is when the trip begins! We went to my friends house and sat in a very small utility room that was attached to his barn. We turned on the camping cooker, filled it with soup and the nicest, biggest looking shrooms we could find in our pile. We didn't heat it too much, just enough to get the soup hot enough to eat. We filled a bowl each and got stuck in. As I was eating it I noticed a purplish coloured liquid swirling around the soup which I assumed was the psilocybin. We went for a little walk and smoked a few joints while we were waiting for the shrooms to kick in. After about half an hour one of my friend started to giggle a lot and went a bit silly and giddy and said he felt weird. Then slowly the silliness spread to everyone else and before we knew it we were sitting in the utility room again on stitches for no reason. Then I looked at everyone laughing hysterically and it was like they were all some sort of evil mastermind laughing in a really evil way. This scared me which made the room start to turn upside down I quickly panicked, jumped up and ran outside. As soon as i felt the cold breeze and the fresh air, the fear and panic faded away. My friends came out to ask if I was okay I told them I was fine but I wanted to go somewhere else. So we made a couple big bottles of shroom tea and called my friend to come and pick us up in his car. We sat in the car passing the shroom tea around. By this time we were really starting to trip. Our friend was driving at 20MPH but we were all convinced that he was doing at least 60MPH. We got back to my hometown and went to the astro turf where all the teenagers hang around. I remember really tripping at this point! The sky was a deep yellow colour, clouds were turning into animals likes giraffes and horses. Everything was kind of sparkly and brightly coloured, tree branches were flickering like strobe lights and me and my friend were convinced that a puddle was merely a piece of plastic on the ground. We started to walk down a dark path towards the high street. When we came out of the dark path we were bombarded by all different coloured lights from the shops, traffic lights etc. They were so bright and intense and we yelled out WOWWWW at the same time and when I saw the lights I got this massive, incredible feeling of euphoria like I had just been sky diving but in reality i was just staring at some traffic lights. We carried on walking further down into the high street when I realised I needed a drink BADLY this made me freak out for some reason like I was going to die if I didn't get a drink. I ran over to my friend and begged him to come to my house to get a drink because I was really freaking out then when I looked at his face I could tell he was freaking out more than me. He just reached into his pocket gave me a £1 coin and ran off into the distance without saying anything. Meanwhile I was still freaking out so I ran over to my other friend and asked him to get me a drink from the shop because was tripping way to hard to go into the shop and he was sober. I'm still pissed off to this day that he did this but he replied with a big fat NO. So I started to walk towards the shop on my own felling the £1 coin in my hand and it felt like a spherical ball but when I looked at it it was a normal £1 coin. For some reason I found slight comfort in this and walked into the Spar but when I walked in I was again bombarded by bright lights and colourful packaging it was so intense I looked at the water and tried to find one for £1 but all the prices were loving around the shelf and I was following them. I looked up and everybody in the shop was staring at me. I stared back at them briefly and walked back out of the shop empty handed. I again begged my friend to get me some water and finally he did. As soon as I tasted that water I instantly stopped freaking out and felt great again. Now all my other friends who were tripping had gone their separate ways so I stuck with the friend who had driven me and given me water.  Now my iPhone was like water in my hands leaking through the gaps between my fingers. We picked up another friend to smoke a few joints. I was staring at my hands now and all the little lines on my palm were really standing out like someone had coloured them in with a black marker pen.  This made me freak out again because I had a split second thought that maybe I had eaten the wrong shrooms. Now my hands were blue and swelling up to twice the size. I started panicking telling my friend to take me to the hospital quickly. My friend passed me a solid so I took a big long toke and inhaled. He said better? And I replied BETTER like off the snickers advert. We all started laughing and boom my hands were normal again.

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