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First trip

3.5 grams of shrooms. Amazing

Me and 5 of my best friends decide that we want to do shrooms. One of my friends had done it a few times before and always told us that we needed to try it. To be honest I was kinda scared. Iv had a bad trip on salvia before and it was the worst experience ever. So I was scared to trip on shrooms. 
It was Friday at school and we planed on doing it tonight. The whole day at school I was kinda zoned out. I was anxious because I knew what I was about to do that night. I told some kid in my class that I was doing shrooms tonight and he didnt believe me. She said "good luck your gonna have a bad trip" . That didnt help at all now I was even more freaked out. 
After school me and my friends went over to my friends house to get ready. My friend has a 12 x 10 foot shed. We use the shed to smoke in and just chill. We had a laser machine that made a bunch of red and green lasers mover everywhere, it was trippy sober. We also had blue strand lights hanging to the ceiling. We had a big blue tarp hung up over the door so noone could see in. At this time it was about 7 pm and another friend shows up with all the shrooms. We each got are eight and a bottle of orange juice. And this point my anxiety is threw the roof. But I said fuck it and we all started munching. One of my friend  was about 2 grams deep and his dad called him and said that his brother was sick and he needed to go get him a burger at in n out in about an hour. So he stopped eating his dose because he has to drive. So we all go finished are eighth and I was just sitting down just waiting for it to hit. About 30 min in I started to feel alittle something, just felt different almost drunk. I stood up and I had my hood on and I was looking down at my feet and they looked so far away. I felt hallow in side. It felt so cool but I sat back down. I was looking around and everything felt so far away. I went on my phone and it looked so bright and super HD. I stated to notice alittle glow around the letters on twitter. All the sudden we all jus start laughing at everything for no reason. Everything was just weird and confusing. I just keep on saying out loud "what the fuck. What the fuck" because I didn't know what to say. The walls started to move up and down. And looked that they were breathing. I knew I was tripping at this point. And it was time for my friend to get in n out for his brother and he asked if we wanted to go and I was down. I wanted to go explore out of the shed. As soon as we all walked out I was in shock. Everything was orange! I felt like I was on mars or something. As we walk the the car I'm looking at all the trees and they are waving at me saying hi. I looked up at the stars and they were so bright and moving all over the place. We get in the car and it felt like I was In a spaceship going 100 mph. When we got to in n out the drive threw line was really long. I remember looking at this pillar with bricks on it. It was so trippy they were moving all over the place and they looked kinda like clay and had a glow around each brick. In the drive threw they have a window to see inside the kitchen. There was a bunch of people working running around like crazy. It looked like total chaos. After we got are food we went to go drop the food off for my friends little brother. After we dropped it off we were pulling out of the neighbor hood and my friends dad is pulling in at the same time. He stops to try and talk to us but we keep going because we are all tripping pretty hard. His dad turns around and is following us! So we drive a bit and his dad speeds  up right beside us. So my friend says "alight be cool" and he rolls down the window. And his dad  is yelling at us to pull over. I couldn't look at him because I was so scared. We pulled over and his dad was just seeing what we were doing and asked why we didnt stop. His dad asked him who's in the car and he named all of us and told us to say hi. I couldn't make eye contact with him because my pupils were huge. But I managed to say hi and wave at him. 
After that we drove back to the shed and were just chillin. We were all sitting down and randomly the tarp that is covering the door to the shed falls off and covers me and my friend. I was freaking out because it caught me off Guard,  I felt like I was getting swallowed by a big wave or something.
I remember at one point we are all sitting in the shed and we didn't say anything for like 30 minutes it was complete silence.  But even though Nomus talking I felt like we are all connected in someway. Like we were communicating without talking. 
I remember looking at my friend that was sitting right next to me and he looked fake like clay. I was looking into his eyes and they were just rolling around in the back of his head and then coming back up. he looked like a psycho it scared the hell out of me. I couldn't look at him anymore so I looked away but I felt like he was staring at me from the corner of my eye. So I said "dude stop looking at me you freaking out" And when I looked at him again he looked like a demon! At this point I was freaking out in my head I was so confused and didn't know what to do. Then we heard a knock on the shed door and it was one of our friends. He was sober and asked us if We wanted to go on a ride into town. Since I was scared at this time because of the demon I hopped up real quick and said let's go. So we all get to the car and we my friend starts playing really hard fast and loud Techno music. I felt like we Were on Spaceship going so fast. I remember looking around at the cars and they all looked like Limos! All the  break lights, headlights and stoplights had trailing colors coming from them almost like a flower. 
We pulled up to a red light and the driver says "alright everyone wave to the police" and we pull up right next to a cop. It was on my window side. I was freaking out inside thinking that the cop knew we were tripping. After that we just headed back to the shed. It was getting late and it was near the end of my peek. We get back to my friends house and incentive going into the shed we just went inside and watched a movie until we all came down. The next day when I went home I walked inside and gave my mom huge hug. I felt so grateful for everything that I have and made me realize how beautiful life is.
It was a crazy and awesome Experience. I am so glad that I tried it Even though I was scared shitless. Sense this first time I've done them two other times. It's great every time

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