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Tripping in the field in the middle of a Thunder Storm

Power of Nature

This was about the sixth time that I took cubensis Mexicana. I ate 20g of fresh shrooms (probably more because they were a little dried out already) around 5 o`clock in the afternoon and went on a ride with my bike. I was planning to sit on the field in the middle of nature and meditate. I already did that a few trips ago when I took 1,8 dried ones and it was amazing. It was 2 weeks from my last trip and I had my previous ones once a week, so I started to underestimate the power of shrooms. If I take them once a week the effects are around half of the normal ones.

It was a little rainy in the morning, but the weather report said that it would be dry later on and there were no rainy clouds seen in the sky. After half an hour I started to feel relaxed and little tired – usual symptoms of shrooms taking effect. I wanted to find some nice spot with nice view so I could sit any lay there for a few hours and I found it about 6 kilometers from my house. When I came there the grass was still wet from the morning rain so I leaned on my bike and enjoyed that amazing green color all around me.

On my previous trips I discovered that if you stare at one point you start to experience all kinds of visuals and sensations so I did that for a while. I started to feel like I`m in an elevator and everything around me started to go up. I felt so grounded – completely connected with Mother Earth. I decided to go a little further and had no problems riding my bike, although the road started to have some unusual moving patterns and vortexes. I stopped in front of a corn field and stared at it. It looked like gigantic cannabis buds dancing and waving at me. At that time the shrooms really started to kick in. Colors were changing, sense of touch became different (thing became lighter), perception of sounds changed (not knowing from where it`s coming and what is it) and memories from the past become so vivid like I was there. The perception of time also changed (a few seconds seems like a few hours and sometimes vice versa.) From time to time I also saw connections between myself and other things, like some more or less transparent lines and dots in the air.

Then it started to rain, which took me a while to figure out. I had my rain coat with me so I didn`t worried so much. I went under a tree so it would protect me from the rain. The raining increased and I started to think about what I should do. I spend a lot of time in nature and I`m usually quite good at determining the weather but it was a whole different story on shrooms. I wanted to see, from where the wind is blowing but the clouds went a little to the south-west, a little to the north-east and had all these amazing shapes and vortexes in them. I realized that I can`t rely on my judgment. Then the lightning and thunder started. I knew that it`s not a good idea to be in the middle of a field specially under a tree during the thunder storm because you can get struck by lightning but I was also wondering, if I`m capable to ride 6 kilometers, while tripping that much. The time between the lightings also seemed longer than it really was so I few times thought that they stopped but at the moment I thought that it`s over, another one struck.

I decided to give it a try and started to ride back – I was thinking about maybe finding a better shelter. I can tell you that riding a bike while tripping is really easy, although I thought that I was on some ride in Disneyland. I have a lot of experiences with cycling, downhill… It`s like walking for me.

The weather become worse and the wind increased. My legs were pretty wet and I become a little cold. I constantly had to remind myself that I have to find a shelter because it`s dangerous to be out there but the other part of me was looking at the clouds, trees, bushes, hills and wondered, what is all that amazing stuff. That wondering part also didn’t mind to be struck by lightning; it seemed one and the same to be struck or not to be struck by it.

There were no good shelters to be found and about half a way back the rain stopped. I was thinking about going back but I decided to go home because I was cold. I had to cross unprotected railway crossing and also a pretty traffic road and I was not so happy about it. I also didn`t wanted to meet some of my neighbors while being in that state.

It started to rain again and I become determined to rich my goal no matter what. I constantly had to talk to my self like “drive on the right side of the road, home is your goal, move more on the side so the car can pass you by, no the car won`t be sucked in the vortex, you have to move aside, watch for the train – check it twice…”

I came home without a scratch, locked the door and relaxed. I changed my clothes and put on some psy trance. I was outside for about two hours and the trip was on its peak. While sitting and listening to music I started to experience everything. I was everything, I could embrace the whole universe with my hands, I was nothing, everything was completely empty, all my life drama was seen under a magnifying glass and I was at the same time worrying about it and feeling that everything is completely OK. I also realized that everything that I judge about others, I myself do the same in a lot of circumstances.

For me there are no so called bad trips. In the middle of a bad trip I can`t find no one, who is experiencing it, I can`t tell the difference between a good trip and a bad one. I let the shrooms show me what they want to show me and I don`t cling to my expectations.

The greatest realization on shrooms for me was that they can sometimes show you complete ecstasy, complete cosmic laughter, absolute peace and they can sometimes show you your darkest fears, darkest suppressed emotions from the past – all the shit that we carry around and usually don`t know about it. The more we accept this shit, the more we experience God embracing us and telling us that he-she loves us unconditionally with all our jewels and with all our shit.  

I will definitely go on my next adventure in more stable weather.

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