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8.5g and The Next Level

The Unreachable..

I started out my psychedelic trip hanging out with my brother. I thought about trippin' out that night, and he convinced me to go for it. I ate what was essentially 8 and a half grams of mushrooms. The effects began to take a hold within the hour, and by about 10:30 to 11pm I was in full force. My brother wanted to smoke a bowl of marijuana which was perfect. We walked up the hill behind our house to a spot that we have tripped out numerous times before. Smoking the bowl seemed to be almost impossible for me. Every flick of the lighter was immersing me in a world of color and psychedellia. Things began to pick up pace in terms of physical movement. This when things began to get hard for myself. 

        We smoked the bowl out of a bamboo pipe. This was a terrible mistake, but it never occurred me what it was going to do. We decided to walk up to the top of the hill where I could take in the entirety of the town that I lived in.  As we walked up the hill I tasted a coppery taste in my mouth, but I was overwhelmed by the fact that the entire range of hills all the way up the lake were glowing purple so bright that they were in complete and full detail. We walked up to the top and I decided to sit down and watch the night sky which cascaded an array of kaleidoscopic images and colors upon me. I closed my eyes and watched a male and  female figure with eyes all down their bodies... much like an Alex Grey painting. The figures moved toward each other and motioned towards each other as if they were kissing. The eyes of the figured rolled into each other and became one androgynous figure with lights coming from what would essentially be it's chakras. I opened my eyes and ushered my brother to go back to the house with me.

       We got back to the house, and I sat on our stools looking at my parents newly remodeled kitchen. The red square tiling was compressing itself down into more basic square shapes while the cabinets began to force my vision down into a square. I went downstairs to use the bathroom while my little brother put on futurama (Almost a tripping tradition for us) I used the bathroom, and listened to the ceiling fan which made noises that I could only perceive as an accordion being pulled up and down. After the bathroom.., the trip began to fully take a hold of my being. I went into my room and laid down on my bed... I was overtaken by color and sound... Fry on futuramas eyes were rainbow and a moaning singing noise was flowing from his mouth whenever he tried to talk. My brother decided to leave the room and go to bed, and now I was by myself (which is preferred at high dosages) 

      The Mushrooms have now completely melted my being. It was about 12 o'clock now and I was beyond reality. I decided to pull my blanket over my head and watch what was truly there. I was blinded by rainbow smoke. I felt like I was coming down from the sky into a domicile of rainbow swirls, and in the middle of it all was a pillar of rainbow swirls that crashed into the ground and made another dome, almost as though it were an explosion.  Around this pillar of color were seven figures. Ghasts of the seven colors of the rainbow. These ghasts spoke at what seemed to be hundreds of different pitches and voices. The most recognizable was the seven overlapping pitches that made a moaning/singing noise. I have never been so scared in my life. The close I got to the pillar, the more defined the ghasts became. Soon as they swirled around the pillar, each ghast would look at me individually as it passed me. I was close enough to see spheres of light roaring up the pillar, and I knew, if I go any closer, I will be torn apart and pulled into a whole different dimension of thought and idea. I felt as though the seven figures would come with me, or even worse they would rush into my physical vessel and take my entire person over.. I was not ready. It had been almost 50 minutes under my blanket and was now 1 o'clock in the morning. I pulled my blanket off my head and rushed out of my bed... time to smoke a bowl. I walked up the stairs (extremely difficult) and in the computer room were to blue glowing figures sitting in the chairs as though they were conversing philosophically, I put the blinders on and went outside to our shed. I loaded the bowl in the pipe and took the first hit.. I watched the things in the shed completely deconstruct themselves. I took the second hit and coughed.... This was when my trip took a drastic turn. I continued to cough until the same tastes arose in my mouth... I knew what was gonna happen if I spit... and I did... I coughed up blood... I looked at it for about 5 minutes before blowing out whatever was left in the pipe and rushed inside. I spent the next hour reading the internet trying to decide if I was going to die (I wasn't) but of course....How could I have known?

    I tried to awake my brother but to no avail.... Fear overtook me... I sat my back against a large wicker chest my brother used to keep things in. All of a sudden I flooded with sweat and the temperature rose extremely... I laid on the floor and looked up at the popcorn ceiling. The popcorns were grouping together in to four-leaf clover shaped with glowing purple venous structures in between them. they swirled around and compressed until one became two, which became eight... until it was beyond count. In my head I heard an ancient voice saying *your going to die* in a egyptic like chanting. I jumped up, and looked around in confusion and went to my room... I ended up watching what was essentially a teal/silver flashing pyramid with four posts on each corner with crystals on the top. behind the pyramid was a wall of language that was burnt into my mind... That was what I remember last of my trip before falling asleep...

I will most definitely be doing this again...

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