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My first trip

A good start

So im very new to mushrooms, so i wanted to start off small just so i didn't freak myself out.

 First day i ate 2 libs, no effect what so ever (anything would of been a placebo).

 Next i bumped it up to about 15-20, i dont have a pair of accurate scales so i couldn't measure the weight.

 I was sitting in class feeling a bit annoyed that i had no effect what so ever from 20 of the things when it hit me. At first it was a little like being high, over the 10 seconds you kind of turn high, all objects seem isolated and you get very confused. Then for the next 20 minutes or so i felt a little like i was on a roller-coaster, i could feel almost like G-Force in my chest which became pretty strong there was this pulsing motion that i could feel in my ears. I felt really warm and a little drowsy but I was shivering quite a lot and whenever i tensed all my muscles it felt really good. Eventually this evened out and the rest of the "trip" was surprisingly similar to weed but without the giggles and i wanted to be alone with my thoughts. Then i was outside, and the just cut foot ball pitch was this amazing lime green colour. Seeing this vast expanse of one colour seemed really good! A few hours later i started to come down, which was EXACTLY like coming down off weed: The only remaining effect is the inability to think straight, like you have a slate in your head.

This was a really good start for me, i think its a lot better to work your way up instead of scaring yourself. I dont think i shall be doing them in school though, very hard to concentrate and although being with a lot of people was very comforting, when i take larger amounts it will be with small groups of close friends.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me identify!

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