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Straight in at level 4

Ride if my life

So this was my first time tripping on magic mushrooms. I had been growing them and finally got some results. There were 3 big shrooms ready to pick so I did and left them to dry for abit. I had intended to wait until more had grown as I planned to trip with some friends but I really wanted to trip and knowing they were only in my cupboard was very tempting! I asked my friends if they didnt mind if I tried them and they were cool about it seeing as I had grown them and they wanted someone with at least a bit of experience when we all did them so later that day I was going to eat them!

I packed my mind with comedy shows, music, David Attenborough stuff and only ate abit of breakfast and a snack at lunch. It came to about 4 and one of my friends (will we call him A) arived in his car with B another friend in the front. I climbed into the back and we decided to drive to this beautiful forest. Those two were going to sit in on me so on the way i began to munch those shrooms. There was about an eighth of big ones and a few aborts as well so large amount for a first time! I chewed them each time for about a minute, the taste I found was quite enjoyable, until I had eaten the whole lot apart from a bit of stalk which I gave to B to try. He also found the taste quite pleasant. (Maybe were just weird!) 

So we arrived 10 minutes later and they were already starting to take effect! (I have a very fast metabolism and drugs always hit my fast and hard) I couldn't stop tapping and moving my feet and I felt happy. It was very similar to the begining effects of mdma. We walked through the woods towards a field we know kicking a football about on the way which distracted me from the come up. As soon as we got to the spot the mushrooms had really started to kick in. The first major thing I remember seeing was looking at B then everything around him beggining to warp it was so cool! This was about 20 minutes in now and I was already seeing level 2 visuals. I began to panic abit as I thought I had done too much but A and B reassured me people had done more and I wasn't going to die and I calmed down. Everywhere I looked trees were breathing and there were kildoscopes of patterns everywhere. This is when I felt the nauesa kick in. It was a aweful feeling and it made me sit down. 

Sitting down was a bit of a mistake in hinesight because it just made the nausea worse and I felt too sick to stand up so I decided to ride it out, layed down and closed my eyes. Wow! Now I see why closed eye visuals are more intense. I was flooded with pyscodelic and Hindu type patterns which were awesome and all 3d! Although I still felt very nauseous it seemed like a small price to pay however it did prevent me from fully emersing myself into the phscodelia. As the trip went on these patterns became more and more intracet. Every now and again I would open my eyes and talk to A and B as best I could! They looked like demons but it didn't scare me cause I still knew who they were and every time I saw them I saw their third eye on their forehead. The scenery behind them looked like something out of a fantasy film and everything was melting and warping, it felt like I was on a sea of green! Then I would close my eyes again and go back into the mind. About the third time this happened I was peaking. When I closed my eyes I began seeing all types of Hindu gods and godesses, some were scary and others looked kind. They began communicating with me telepathically although I cannot remember for the life of him what they said. Then the most vivid part of the trip, i layed down and felt all feeling leave my body , the sensation just before obe although i never had one. Then i closed my eyes and one of the goddesses, a beautiful dark haired one kissed me. I felt infinite amounts of love and appectance rush through me then, the evil ones started to laugh and tried to scare me. They showed me gore but it wasn't the type of gore you'd see in a horror film it was more of the Hindu type god gore (if you know what I mean) so I opened my eyes and that was the last of my closed eye visuals. We decided to head back to the car.

I was about 2 hours into the trip and still pretty high. As we walked back A and B were playing football which each other and I was just halluecnating! There were probably only about 20 metres away but it looked like they were miles away and every mound in between them was like a mountain. I caught up with them, it felt like I was in the lord of the rings or something and we just talked about what I'd seen on the way to the car. The walk felt like hours but in reality it took 5 minutes. At least the neasea had gone now! So I sat in the front and driving home was amazing, I was just staring out the window thinking about my life and having various phlysophical thoughts. I remember being stuck in traffic and feeling my mood instantly drop. Not because I didn't want to be stuck there, I couldn't have cared where we were but I think it was just the general vibe of everyone. 

As soon as we were out though I felt alive! We stopped off at a river for a while. The shrooms just started giving me so much motivation for life! I wanted to see and do everything, try harder at collage and literally speak to everyone. It felt like I was part of a whole infinite universe constantly expanding, everytime someone was born, every time someone did something, every time an animal did something, every time things on other planets did it just kept going! It just blew my mind! So after this we went home, my mum was in... great! But A and B said I could easily pass as normal so I went in spoke to my mum then went in my room. They had pretty much worn off I was just on a bit of a downer so I just watched some easy TV and went to bed. I got in about 7.

So I am writing this the next day. The experience was amazing! I looked out the window and was just stunned at how beautiful life was. I am in a good mood and hopefully that will carry on for a while! Cannot wait to try them again but I am going to leave a good time in between I made that mistake with cannabis and want shrooms to be really special. I would 100% recommend doing it though peace :)

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