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DMT with Daytura

Serpents rising

Hola fellow ethno explorers

Here is a short report from my latest adventure into other realms.
Lake Atitlan San Marcos Guatamala

Rolled up a 4 or 5 dose joint full of Changa (Weed mixed with Jamila extrated DMT)
and approximately 20mg of dried Daytura Flower

A beautuful Chilanga sat on my beside holding my hand as I inhaled and exhailed continuously for 30 seconds
then one big inhale to hold my breath for a count I closed my eyes got to about 15 seconds
opened my eyes saw the fixtures in the room become fractalised, my guardian feminina remained composed but looked almost
ghostly I closed my eyes and began watching a geometric godess pulse and resonate with intricate beauty.
It felt long and strong. I opened my eyes for a second an experienced what I can only describe as 3 simultaneous dimemension at the sme time
the room was in focus but would bleed into melting fractals inducing me to remain eyes shut, while other forms were appearing as
real objects above me in the space of the room yet without defined form or in focus.

Retreating behind my eyelids the geometric indian type goddess with 8 arms introduced me to a very heavy and serious type of snake entity
who basically showed me how easily humans are controlled by a very wide spread Reptilian energy. I have had thoughts of this before as I am strongly connected to snakes, although I dont feel like a shape shifting reptilian Illuminati but certainly this influenced my journey.

As heavy as the vibe was I comforted by my acceptance of this very strong primordial snake entity, who gave visual representations of how they Dock onto the spine just below the nape of the neck from another dimension, controlling us and using fear, lust and insecurity to have Humans do their bidding yet at the same time I was shown that negotiating with or abstaining from our desires and insecurities dierectly with these serpent energies entities or how ever you want to interpret it, gives rise to the entity serpent disconeccting from the spine forming wings as they fly up into the sun.

Conclusion, I felt as if these energies were a reflection of the human race and that as long as we are selfish and self seeking we remain enslaved by our molecular desires and infact the snake spirit that resides in our spines upto our peneal gland would very much like us to overcome
these fears and wanton desires so they can grow wings and return back to the light.

Whene ever I share love without expectations or desires, I feel more peace within
and my guides whom are many shre with me their secrets.
I will not stray from path

Love and blessing to all

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