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A Solo Voyage

I had been preparing for my next mushroom experience for a long time, making sure everything was perfect for the day of my trip, and after alot of bullshit and a failed hook up, when i was about ready to give up, i miraculously was able to pick up a quarter ounce of dried mush from some guy that just happened to have fungus at the time.

I had been preparing for my next mushroom experience for a long time, making sure everything was perfect for the day of my trip, and after alot of bullshit and a failed hook up, when i was about ready to give up, i miraculously was able to pick up a quarter ounce of dried mush from some guy that just happened to have fungus at the time. I spent the day with my girlfriend, i was in a damn good mood and the day went smoothly. On her way home she gave me a ride over to my friend's place and i chilled out and smoked buds with a bunch of my friends, one of them was supposed to trip with me that night but he decided he'd rather just watch a movie,
which was fine even though it was a little mean cause he knew i'd been anticipating this trip for a long time. So after the movie i went home and seriously debated whether i should trip alone or not. Eventually i decided i would. I chopped a half quater of mushies up finely with scissors and put them in caps and swallowed them. Not too ceremonious but it got the job done. I went up to my bedroom and meditated in silence while i waited for the experience to begin. I sat there forever and didn't feel anything so i put on a tape and lay on my bed, trying to get to sleep thinking they were just shitty mushrooms and i didn't eat enough. I started to get pissed off and decided i was going to trip no matter what and took a weird looking two gram stalk and made it into tea. I drank it straight, it tasted like you'd imagine piss would taste like but it wasn't as bad as chewing them up and swallowing them. About five seconds after i finished the tea i was suddenly coming up on the shrooms i had swallowed in the first place. Now i was feeling really good, i was getting strong closed eye visuals
and the OEVs were starting to show. I went up to my room and smoked about seven or eight poppers of some nice weed. The trip was really rolling after that, patterns and mandalas were appearing on any surface i looked at. I put on a tape of Roland The Bastard (a pretty good techno DJ).
The music made my body feel as if it was being pushed and pulled in a million different directions at once. The music sounded especially layered and brilliant. One track
has a samlple saying "burning cigarette at 70 miles an hour out of a car window", this conjured up a million divergant trains of thought at once every time i heard it repeat. It's hard to explain the intense mind trip the sample instigated. It was amazing. After a while of being one with the music i decided i shouldn't waste my trip just sitting in my room. So i threw on some warm and comfortable clothes (it was oddly cold for this time of year)and booted it outdoors with my bong in hand. I smoked a fat bowl all to myself in two tokes, and everything around me burst into slow intent movment. The red bricks of our house started to float in and out of their places in the wall. The sidewalk looked like jelo, jiggling like crazy. For some reason that though sent me into a bout of giggling. I got cold fast and went back inside. Inside was interesting, but i found it grew rather intense if a stayed in one spot too long. I love intense experiences, but didn't want to even come close to a run in with a bad trip (i've had enough of those) so i put on another layer of clothing and went for what i thought would be a short walk. I just walked through my neigborhood
enjoying the anticts of anything i looked at. As i walked i heard little whispering voices saying things like, "where is he going!?", "what is he doing now!?" it was cool, i've heard shit like that before on higher doses but this time it was really clear that the voices were speaking english, usually it's not. As i walked further every tree i walked by made chattering and chitting noises, i thought that there were squirrles in the trees, ha, it was probably completley aural hallucinations or another sound just distorted. On maybe the squirrels knew i was fucked and were playing tricks on me! those bastards. heh.
Every time a car went by i got really paranoid thinking it might be a cop car. At this time of night i knew if a cop saw me he'd stop to check me out, and i had my bong and weed on me. So i tried to stay of main roads. Eventually i came to a school and sat down in the playground. The playground is fucked up even when i'm normal and when i looked at it on mushroomsit looked like a huge alien entity. It's made out of weird plastic shit and metal and is cloured all sorts of bright yellows, purples, reds, greens, and blues. I watched it writhe and heard it make the weirdest noises. And i smoked some more weed under it. There was a pretty main road right by it and i got pananoid about cops and walked to a park by the river. It was beautiful there. I sat right by the river and stared into it, the water was blacker than black, because it was really dark out. I went to smoke another bowl and looked over my shoulder to see a cop car drive right by the park. I was sure he saw me so i ran into some trees a bit away. Then i watched as he pulled into the park from the road. So i left the park by way of a walking bridge near to the trees i was in that went across the river. As i walked across the bridge it seemed to sway with the wind. And for a second i looked off the edge and i felt for an instant that my soul was being purified by the water rushing by. But i decided i'd rather be free than be purified and busted so i hurried across. The houses on the other side of the river are all huge and are all architecturally cool so it was fun to watch them bend and warp in a thousands different ways as i walked. I had to walk quite a ways to get to another bridge across the river. I began walking back to my house on a different route then that which i took in the first place and ended up by this huge water tower, it looked like a giant melting marshmallow on a pedistal. hehe. I stared at it forever. When i finally got back to my house i went straight up to my room.
I packed some more buds in my bong (weed tastes so good in a glass bowl i could smoke it forever!) on tope of the buds i sprikled some yohimbe (the only MAOI i've been able to get here it's an aphrodisiac hehe), i smoked it all in one toke and waited to see if the yohimbe would afect the mushrooms.
Last time i tried eating the stuff with mush it didn't do anything except kill the mushroom trip for some reason. Anyways, about a minit after i took the toke i felt my hand move, so i looked at it and it was moving by itself, i couldn't control it or cease its movment. It was like it was possesed. It reached out and grabs what was left of my quarter of mushrooms and strated ananging the pieces. By the time i could move my hand again it had created two strange symbols on the floor. This was a really cool experience, i have to find out what those symbols mean some time. I smoked a bit more yohimbe to see if somthing ealse crazy might happen but it didn't seem to do anything. not yet anyways. I smoked a couple more poppers and decided to have a shower as my trip was winding down. When i turned the water on the sound it made suddenly turned into intense loud tribal chanting. It was simply astounding to hear. I had my shower and felt refreshed and really good. I got out smoked my goodnight popper and sat the watching my closed eye visuals and after a few moments i was able to drift into some decent sleep. The next day i felt so good! It was like the mushrooms restored a little bit of love for the world in me. Somthing i needed greatly. The mushrooms will always teach you whether you're willing to learn or not.
so you might as well be willing to learn and not have a bad trip. Don't be frivilous.

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