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My First Trip

I feel enlightened

Okay. Well I had been seeking a psychedelic experience for quite some time. I had been told a lot of mixed information about mushrooms from friends that had tripped and the effects that had occurred for them, But most of the explanations ended with, "Its hard to explain." 
After researching on and off for about 2 years I decided that I was more than ready for the experience. 
The season had been and I thought it were too late.

My Girlfriends dad, however happened to had a bunch of mushroom tea frozen into ice blocks in the freezer. After talking with my lady about it she gave him a call and he came over to take mushrooms with me. Taking mushrooms with my girlfriends dad, I must admit I felt a little nervous. He turned up at about 9 clock and I dropped 3 of these iceblocks into a cup of tea and drank it down. About 15 minutes later my girlfriend decided she was also ready to take mushrooms and she plopped two of these iceblocks a cup of tea and drank it down.

9:20pm :
The anticipation is huge, I'm feeling a slight bit of nausea, but I don't think its from the mushrooms, I'm just very excited and nervous for what's about to happen.

9:40pm :
I think now I can feel the effects coming on, I feel very smiley and giggly. The nausea has disappeared and I feel very comfortable with what is happening. I start to wonder what is coming. if I focus on things they appear to very gently breathe and warp, but it doesn't seem very un-ordinary at all. We start conversing and my girlfriend appears fascinated by her feet. Her dad begins to thank the tuna that he just ate out of a can and it is about now that as I look around at them I feel very relaxed and at one with myself and surroundings. 

I'm not sure whether this was the current time, around about now time became non existent. I was aware that it was still running, but I had no reason to follow it or be concerned at all by it, I let time fade away. The colours became enhanced and a lot of what I was looking at was gently and calmly warping and twisting. We started to stare at the bricks on the wall and I recall seeing them move in and out of the wall and swap positions with one another. I also saw an eye imprinted on one specific brick. This was the first visual that had really picked me up off my feet and fascinated me, I didn't want to look away! 

Every thought that I had seemed to be more of an answer to a foreign question than a thought. Everything that came to mind seemed as if it had answered things that I had asked through my life. the word 'content' kept popping up into my mind. "I feel content" I would say. I felt very level  at this stage. I recall placing a books spine horizontally against a wall and that explained exactly how I felt . Very straight (despite tripping) and understanding of all that was going on. I lost the sense of categories, 'Stephen' was no longer my girlfriends dad, nor were he higher then me, nor below me. I came to the realisation that we are all people, on an equivalent plane of existence; though we pursue different purposes, we are one. 

I felt like there was so much I had to do! I had started drawing a picture and watching the ink flow from the pen was very relaxing. So many things I had to do and I wanted to do them all at once. The most overwhelming, was the urge to go outside. The room was starting to bore me a little and my curiosity grew and grew as I stared at the door. Until eventually I came to the conclusion that it were 100% compulsory for me to go outside. I stepped out of the door, it was slightly chilly but it felt nice. My whole body felt clean, I had had a bad cough but it had disappeared once the trip had started. My mind was not foggy at all unlike the feeling that sometimes comes with smoking weed. No, in fact my mind seemed very clear. I perched myself on the wet balcony and looked up into the night sky. The stars enveloped me and I felt as if my soul had reached out as far as I could see into the night sky. I felt one with the infinite space above me, and I was one with the timber I sat on, and the air that I breathed, but sitting on this balcony looking up into the sky was not enough for me. I felt strong urges to go even further out, For a walk into the bush. There is a reserve just up from my girlfriends house and not long after feeling these urges to explore further into nature we all agreed on going for a walk.

I don't think I have stopped smiling yet. I feel so happy on these mushrooms, so content and blessed. I have full control over my body, it there is something I want to do I can carry my body to do it. I am attached to it in this sense. But I begin to feel as if I am witnessing it happen, though my mind is still very clear. Looking up into the sky again it blew me away and consumed me, the grass felt like a cloud that was soft on my feet with each step I took. I felt connected to the earth with every step I made. The plants breathed with me and I couldn't shake the feeling of the all round togetherness of humans and nature. I climbed up into a tree and felt very natural to do so, this bought brief thoughts of evolution into mind but I didn't dwell on it long.

I came to think about my family, I hadn't been seeing my dad much because of the amount he works and the amount I'm away from home. Whilst on this trip I realised how important it is to have family and friends. It has been five days since my trip and I feel amazing, The enlightenment still lingers through out the depths of me and the happiness I felt during the trip is radiating through me constantly. My communication and understanding of people has increased and I feel as if I have some sense of connection and better understanding of people and nature now.

It is incredibly hard to put a trip into words, but it really is a beautiful eye opening experience!
I am very excited for my next trip when ever that may be! 
If anyone is reading this and considering taking magic mushrooms; I suggest it as highly as I can! Just expect the unexpected and let what ever comes roll!!


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