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Crazy Experience

Hey everyone, I created this account just so that I could share this experience. I normally don't share my trips with many people, just close friends, but this trip was unlike anything else, and I have to share it. I have experimented with mass amounts of mushrooms, exceeding 7 grams and also with multiple hits of LSD, but none of my experiences were like this.

It was a warm summer day. I contacted my buddy, D, looking for some acid. He got me and my friend, N, 5 double dipped tabs for 50 bucks. Me and N each took one on the spot, at D's house, and decided to save the rest for later, if we needed them. We sat down on some couches at D's place and turned on Netflix. N told me to sit back and watch this as he put on Bender's Game. As the intro started to play, I started to feel tingles throughout my entire body. (Just a side note, I later watched this movie when I wasn't tripping and it was still extremely trippy) As I was watching, the tv didn't make any sense. What was going on on the screen was complete chaos. This was when I started tripping. I looked at the wall and it looked like still water that had a rock dropped into it. There were ripples coming out of the center going towards the ceiling and floor. I sat and stared at that for a while. D, N and I decided to go back to N's house to chill and smoke some weed. Once we got there, things started to get weird. We sat on his bed as we ripped a few bong bowls. I started to get some very weird vibes and something very strange happened. It was kinda dark in his room, there was only a lamp on, which might have tripped me out. I looked straight ahead of me at the wall and it felt like my vision was zooming towards the wall. (Back up for a second, I forgot that when we went back to N's, we met up with two more friends, A and T.) Now when my vision was starting to zoom in, A was sitting next to me and  said, "He's starting to go," which brought me back. As I turned to look at him, it felt like my vision was pulling back to my body and everything was almost laggy. This is the weird part. I looked at the wall again and there was this odd shaped hole in the wall. As soon as I looked at the wall, it felt like I was shot through the small hole in the wall and was getting beamed super far out. I just kept going and going. Then I remember being in an odd empty room with only a pedestal in the middle. I was running around it grabbing my head which was also glowing along with my hands. On the pedestal was this weird glowing object. It was a circle that was partially gone and was quickly fading. It almost looked like Pac Man but glowing deep orange and it was winding down. I perceived this to be a clock of my sanity which then gave me a very bad vibe. I literally thought that burning circle represented my sanity and I could see myself loosing it. I was later told that I kept saying, "I can see it going guys, I don't have much longer! I'm loosing it! " Now the whole time this was happening, I didn't have much control of my body. The last thing I remembered was sitting on the bed. Then all of a sudden it was like something slammed into me and I opened my eyes and I was standing and everyone was in front of me. They were all looking at me kind of funny and I had no idea what had just happened. I was breathing rapidly and very heavily. I then asked,"What just happened?!" in a frantic way, but they just kept saying, "Nothing man, don't worry about it, everything is fine." I thought I had done something bad to one of them so I was like "What did I just do?" But they just kept telling me nothing. I then felt my heart. Bad idea. It felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. It was literally beating at an unhuman pace. It was beating so fast and I thought I could see it moving me chest. This freaked me out a lot. I had the other guys feel it but they told me it was normal. D had me feel his heart which calmed me down since it was beating slowly. He told me mine was beating the same way. (Sorry this is a little off topic but the funny thing about that, actually not funny, but me and D were talking about this situation the other day. He told me that he was actually frightened that I was going to have a heart attack. So my heart literally was beating super fast.) I then just wanted to be outside, but we had to wait for some reason. This caused me to be very antsy and I kept asking "When can we leave?" We then went back to A's house, whose little brother, G, is my age and I'm really good friends with. Seeing him relieved me greatly. We chatted about what was going on but when we started to talk about what happened back at N's, it almost triggered something, so I'd kind of walk off and make noise not to hear it. The people I was with were experienced trippers so they understood what I was doing I think and the topic was quickly changed. I kind of mumbled to myself often while at A's but also talked with others. I was so overwhelmed at what had happened earlier and I was trying to comprehend it. This was all over a time frame of about 6 hours. I still haven't quite figured out what went on but I know that was the most intense thing I've ever experience while on a drug.

As I said before, I have experimented multiple times with other psychedelics, but for some reason this experience was very different. Any feedback would be appreciated

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