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4.5 grams of cubenes

best and worst trip ever

so i bought 60 dollars of dry shrooms from one of the people i smoke weed with and he told me they were super potent cubenes so i got them and then went home i decided to call my friend (ill call him jake) and go skate so we went to a skatepark and skated till 9 or 10 then we went to my place and i siad dude check this out and showed him my shrooms and he was like ive never done shrooms so i asked him if he wanted to trip so he said sure me and him had smoked weed together but that's it any way i ate 4 or 5 grams and he ate like 3.5  to 4 so we sat and listed to that song prusute of happeyness by kid cudi and then jake said he was bored so we decided to leave the house and walk to the grocery store about halfway thier i could see the streets allmost breath and jake wouldent shut up about how big my pupels were and he siad that a cop would look out for that but we got to the store and we bought energy drinks by then it felt like i was in a dream like nothing was real but we left the store and i couldent rember if i had bought the drinks or not becuse one time i was so stoned i got a drink and left without paying on acedent but it dident mater becuse we were almost back to my house i sat outside my house with jake and we looked at the stars i felt like i was dreaming every thing felt wierd like i was in a dream and i felt like i wasent in countroll over my bodey more like i was whaching what was hapening through a tv but it was amazeing i whent inside and ate more shrooms i cant rember why but jake did to he ate one cap and i ate a hole shroom and half a cap then we decided to skate so jake got his bored and i got my longbored we went down the flat part of a rode by my house i feelt like i was flying then we stoped at a buss stop and jake was going nuts he keept saying oh my good over and over and i wasent sure if he was ok and i couldent understand half the stuff he siad and then i remberd when a cop had pulled up and haresed me at that exact spot so i stared to freak out and ran into the high school football field and jake followd me i keept thinking we were both fried and wernt comeing down ever i wounderd if time had stoped i couldent read my clock the numbers were moving like in the matrix i thought it had been houres since we left the buss stop but jake said it was minutes time wasent real to me it was gone i couldent understand it so i liad down and looked at the stars and cried i wouldent ever be normal agian and i had ruinded jakes life but jake said he was fine and i got bach to my house and liad in bed i couldent stop moveing and i felt like needles were poking me this all sounds horible but it wasent  it wasent good eather it just was every time i closed my eyes i saw a clock that was melting like in that painting and then i relized that time is such a big deal in our lives but we cant see it feel it smell it or tuck it but its really important and maybe its just a illusion i couldn't fall asleep for what feelt like a eternity  when i woke up i had torn my pillow and cut myself on the feathers i feelt so weird like everything was new Jake was fine and that was one of the best experiences of my life

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