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Mushroom Tea vs Eating Dried

1/4 Oz Each

Here I am at age 26, and I have used psilocybin mushrooms about 7 times thus far. This last week, I went up to my timeshare resort, WolfCreek in Utah, for a bit of relaxation before I go back to school. I brought an Ounce of shrooms, a gram of DMT, and a bag of Salvia 20x Extract to pass the time in addition to hitting up Lagoon etc.

I was reading up on reviews, and I decided on trying something new. Up until this time, I had only ever eaten dried cubensis with the possible exception of my first time, as they looked like dried azurescens. I went to the local store and picked up a coffee grinder in order to grind up roughly a quarter of dried cubensis to turn into tea. Got the water boiling, mushrooms ground up, alright lets put it in for a few minutes at boiling temp. I ran upstairs to grab the chai tea that I intended to mix with the mushroom tea in order to enhance the flavor. By the time I made it back downstairs, (about 8 seconds), the pot was already boiling over. Irritated, I immediately reduced the stove heat to simmer. After stirring for about 20 minutes, I attempted to filter the tea through a coffee filter into a glass. It didn't work out very well at all. The coffee filter was holding too much of the liquid, and I ended up spilling a little bit of it on the counter so I simply said, "Screw it" and poured the entire mixture, chai tea bag contents and all, into the glass which I then immediately guzzled. I heard that the tea comes on faster, and it did.

Id say by the 15-20 minute mark, the nervous trembling began. Wrapped myself in my bedsheets, and began to resist the urge to become overly emotional. At about the 30 minute mark, the visuals were both closed and open eye. To my surprise, I did not experience ego-death as I always had by eating the mushrooms, and the closed and open eye visuals were dramatically different than what I had usually experienced. After eating the mushrooms on previous occasions, I was usually treated to a sort of universal fabric manifestation. A dark, Omni-directional prismatic spiders web that spanned the whole of the cosmos, comprised of thought and identity. Segmented yet uninterrupted. An amorphous and seemingly highly sexualized collective entity, from which tendrils lined with teeth emerged from the mouth-parts of larger tendrils lined with teeth. I had always been treated to both a male and a female persona who always seemed to be of the same nature or identity.

This time however, although the male and female essences were still there, the visuals were much more orderly and crystalline. I did not get the familiar "overwhelming presence" feeling that I did when I ate the mushrooms as opposed to when I drank them. It was a relatively pleasant sensation, the room I was in was transformed into a single sheet of silk, that shined as if metallic, and seemed like an organic alloy of a kind with incredibly small facets almost like snake scales, that would vary slightly in spatial orientation and size and were in a constant state of flux. The closed eye visuals were slightly different. It was not as smooth a sheen as the open eye visuals. I was treated to prismatic faces, and eyes which would constantly emerge from this dark, metallic rainbow colored slime that was constantly morphing, but manifested itself in asymmetrical fashions while my eyes were closed as opposed to the relatively symmetrical, yet in totality, amorphous illustrations that I was treated to while my eyes were open. Mentally, I was made acutely aware of the fact that the entire cosmos is a single unit, or entity. More specifically a conscious entity that was living through me and through others. My thoughts turned to fantasies of beings of pure beauty and grace engaging in battles and love stories of galactic propensity. Marveling at the beauty of a solar system only to destroy it instantly with a single thought. "Our children will live in colossal castles of pure majesty and order throughout the endless void. This is our future," I thought to myself.

I kept finding my mind turning to spiders. More specifically, to black widows. The kind that I would occasionally find in the toolshed in my parents house back home when I was younger. "They try so hard to survive and we hate and kill them so easily. Why? It is probably because they are ugly. Or because we perceive them as a threat. Why do we fear spiders more than large dogs? It must be the look. I feel bad for the spiders. Life is so brutish and short." These types of thoughts kept running through my mind, as did images of impeccable rooms with diamond chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, everything incredibly precise and crystalline. "Order is sacred, chaos is evil," I thought to myself.

All of this took place from the bed in my complex, as I didn't want to risk any dangerous behavior. There was a ledge that led to a 25 foot drop off into the lower room from my bedroom area that I didn't want to get any ideas about while on shrooms, so I was committed to staying still as long as possible.

The comedown was much, much better compared to my recovery from the state of ego-death that I had always experienced on shrooms. No pacing about endlessly, wondering if I was ever going to reconnect with my "personal memory-bank" again, wondering if I was stuck in some sort of time-prison continuum. Thoughts of personal connections to god didn't occur while on the tea, as was usually the case when I ate the mushrooms, but the visuals were far more pleasant, if less imposing. No "predator-prey" manifestations, only order and beauty. This trip lasted about 5 hours from start to finish. After it had worn off completely, I considered taking it again but decided against it as it had taken a toll on my mental energy and I didn't want to waste anything. I would say this was a 3 on the 1-5 scale of mushroom intensity.

One thing is for certain though, mushrooms are definitely my thing.

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