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Just another car ride...


So me and my friend wanted to trip in the forest. My aunt and her boyfriend wanted to see that happen. So naturally you know how these things go... We go on our way to a spot that they know of deep in a forest. It was getting dark by the time we left their house. We were listening to loud dubstep, smoking bowls in their backseat, with the sunroof open. We were having an awesome time :) My friend doesn't really know them very well, but is having a good time. We get to our spot, and we drop our bag of shrooms. Probably around 2 grams each (with vitamin C of course). We all had our own flashlights (some worked better than others lol), and we made our fire. Me and my friend sat along side a river bank, on top of a flat boulder. Sort of protruding out towards the river (or stream, can't remember).  We are probably a good 1 hour and 30 minutes- 2 hours away from the city.

It wasn't very long until our small amount of firewood we brought burned out, and we had to go look for more. This is probably around 30-45 minutes after we consumed. We go exploring into the forest, and then things start getting trippy. Its a little harder to balance, things are getting a little wavy/bendy, etc. We try not to step in the stream, by walking on rocks :) Successfully. We came to a mound of dirt, and they were telling us how they killed some people and had to bury them there. We went along with it knowing that they were joking, and we weren't tripping that hard yet. After exploring for 10-15 minutes, they rushed us back to the car pretty fast. I'm pretty confused at what's going on already. Its probably a little over an hour after we ingested. 

They are now driving us down winding roads going pretty fast, with 2 shrooming guys in their backseat. They have a crack on their window, and when I look through it, it was distorting things. Like everything right of that crack was shifted at a 20 degree angle or so. I am seeing signs and the letters are shifting around, even forming new words. We pass a tall gate, and they mention it's the gates of hell. I am tripping hard at this point. I see a sign, and I believe it was the name of a creek or something. The words reformed themselves to write something along the lines of "Penis creek" or something, I can't remember now. I mumble in confusion, trying to take in everything that's going on. We are smoking too, so we are experiencing this trip with Vitamin C and Mary J. 

There was a toll booth, and they stop the car pretty hard. They are like, HEY! Go put these coins in the slot! My friend gets out of the car, and couldn't find the toll booth (maybe it wasn't even there?). My aunt's boyfriend pretends to drive away, freaking my friend out. He throws the coins at the trees because he doesn't know what to do. We stop and pick him up again of course lol. 

We are smoking, tripping balls, listening to loud dubstep, and I see flowers that are going by us on the outside of the car sort of... kaleidoscope around. Like ever see a tree while tripping? And then you see the branches, and how branches can turn into more branches? Sort of like that, but with everything that's going on the outside of the car. 

We finally get out of the forest, and we go to a McDonalds to get some drinks or something. I don't know. They asked us if we wanted anything, and of course we don't know what we want. We look at the McDonalds, and it's covered in some kind of wrap. It was under construction? A McDonalds under construction? I was so tripped out by the idea at the time (ps, I don't eat at fast food chains usually. Grosses me out)

Anyways, I then realize at the last second that JESUS CHRIST, I need to take a PISS. I was literally about to piss myself, it just randomly happened. But at the same time I was extremely thirsty from all the smoking and adventures. Somehow we got a big jug of water, maybe it was there in the car the entire time or maybe we got it at the McDonalds somehow, who knows, and so I attempted to open it. 

This is what it looked like:

I attempted to open it, holding it between my legs because my palms were so sweaty and the lid was so tight I needed leverage, and when I opened it the water at the top gushed out and landed in my lap. What a weird sensation, because I had to piss so bad. lol

We are heading back, and they are making weird comments like "Oh, lets go to a bar! Lets get drunk!" We would reply with "We aren't 21 yet? Right? No. We aren't. How do we? What?" They would just mess with us... "Cigarettes are good!" was another one I remember. It was getting late, probably around midnight, and I told them we needed to be home soon. "When are we gonna be home?" And then they replied with, "We are almost to California!" I am tripping balls, and trying to figure out what that could possibly mean. "California!? We gotta be home by oonnneeee..."

Before we knew it we got back into the familiar setting of the city. Let me walk you through something here. 

Right when the drop hits around 0:32, we see the view of the city like this:

Except the catch is, the lights of the city are duplicating, so imagine seeing 2-3x more than what is actually there. That fucked up drop at 0:32 in that song, literally felt like the grim reaper himself ripped my soul out and threw me in another dimension. Not in a good way. You hear that sound like something is falling down stairs in that song? That's the thing that made me wanna die. It sounded like satan music. Like THIS is what would be playing in hell. 

I told them to turn it off, and they agreed. They said "Yeah, that song sounds really demented." 

They finally dropped us off, and we ran inside. I had to piss so bad. Our trip was subsiding, and we are talking about our experience sitting on his sisters comfortable bed. We couldn't decide if all of that was a good or bad trip at that point. Looking back, I don't regret it though :)

We sat on his bed listening to a playlist I had just made of some really trippy dubstep songs. I had him convinced that dubstep was a drug, and that the government actually wanted to ban people from it because of the effects. He seemed pretty convinced for a minute, because it WAS very intense. We would take turns listening to a song with good headphones, on really loud volume with our eyes closed. It took us other places... That was the night I discovered how amazing/crazy/trippy dubstep can be. 

We also had deep after-trip conversations. Don't you love those? When everything makes sense, and you are just feeling amazing and you care so much about the person you just tripped with. Good vibes. 

If you read all the way through, good for you. Seems like a long trip report when I wrote it. This is only my 2nd trip report (I think). 

Much love everyone! Be safe. 

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