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A Smooth Psychedelic Introduction

2.5g, first voyage

Hey everyone, C here.  Having been a longtime lurker here at the Shroomery, my psychedelic interest has grown steadily over the last several months.  Last night I delved excitedly into my first mushroom trip, and thought I'd share the story.  

So I had been working all summer and taking classes, and it had been a busy, booze-filled summer full of drunken nights at the bars and beaches with my friends in my Florida hometown.  As some of my friends had recently returned to college in other states, this particular Friday only a few close buds were left in my city.  My longtime friend and smoking pal, N, and I had tried to trip on some cubes earlier in the summer, but 1.7g's of a low-quality, weak batch ended up not affecting us at all, and it left us psychedelic blue-balls and a strong desire to attain a true trip.  So this particular Friday I got off work at 4:00pm and texted N offering the idea of tripping that night.  He agreed, albeit suggesting that the idea felt a little forced to him since it was his last night in town for a while and he was going back to college the next morning.  

However, I could tell I piqued his interest and so we discussed the details, deciding to have our other longtime friend J (and relatively experienced LSD tripper) come along and trip with us.  So us three college-aged males set out to have a profound and pleasurable experience.  

After I got off work on Friday around 4, I ended up buying 7.5g's of dried cubes from a pot-dealer buddy who luckily just happened to come across some shrooms recently.  We convened at J's house and divided the shrooms into three roughly equal piles, first setting up categories of the sizes of stems and caps, and taking turns 'picking straws', each filling our own psilocybin goodie bag.  Consumed with relative ease, the fungi and the orange juice went down the hatch at 8:00pm.  The dose then was ~1.7 for each of us, and we decided to eat the rest of our bags later since this was, for all of us, our first mushroom trip, since N and I's last one was a dud, and J had only previously dropped LSD.  

The plan was to drive out to a secluded spot alongside the river/waterway in the depths of J's gated community, where only 3 mansions and 3 yachts existed.  There was one road that dead-ended into a cul-de-sac overlooking in the waterway.  Along the road, there were some beautiful shrubbery and plants, as well as a small grass field that ended just before the water's edge, with a cement ledge that one could sit on while looking over the water.  The whole are was well-kept by the billionaires that owned the mini-peninsula.  Nobody but the residents of those three houses had any reason to travel out here, so we parked the car on the road out to the mansions, and had ample separation from any homes.  

We arrived, listening to some Daft Punk and Green day, anxiously awaiting the effects to begin.  Armed with bug spray, three Gatorade, and three CLIF bars, (and three baggies of roughly .8g of mushrooms remaining) we walked out to the cement ledge to watch the water and chill.  The time was about 8:30 at this point and we began to talk about how we felt.  Our heads felt a little "off," "drunk," or "numb," and a subtle body heaviness slowly fell over me.  We chatted quietly by the water's edge, and the sun was setting.  At this point, the colors in the sky melded together and looked beautiful, somewhat like an Easter egg that you would paint as a child.  The blues of the sky melded smoothly with the purples and blacks, the crescent moon smiling calmly at our fortune.  Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" played from J's phone and we sat there smiling and laughing, reminiscing about the elementary school we all attended together.  

The stars started to come out, one by one, and we could see a treeline, a bridge, and a few boats in the distance.  The lights on the bridge started to vibrate and fade in and out.  The forest skyline became bumpy, somewhat like a sine wave, slowly flowing up and down.  Around 9:00pm the black of the night sky gently replaced the blues of the afternoon clouds, and the stars began to shimmer and coalesce, one by one.  We watched in amazement and discussed with shy, surface-level complexity the concepts of space and time.  A houseboat then passed by the waterway near us and we waved, making comments on how beautiful the neon lights on the boat appeared, and to me it looked like a little gingerbread house floating down a stream.  The boat sent a trail of wake and made ripples.  This was one of the most interesting visuals I got during the trip -- the waves from the boat approached us on the shore, seemingly getting bigger and bigger and bigger.   The sounds of the water got louder and louder and for a brief moment, all I could hear or see was the water and its swooping, large nature.  The level of detail in my senses, especially my vision, was altogether mind-blowing.  

The ripples in the water soon subsided, and then we began to chat quietly again, although when the waves were washing up loudly against the rocks underneath us, all of us fell silent for about 20 seconds, mystified.  As the unspoken tension and excitement from that event ceased, things became slightly normal again.  The trip seemed to come in waves, (no pun here I guess) as I have heard it tends to do.  The currents on the water's surface re-organized and I could see the patterns and detail on the water to an amazing degree.  N said "Man, the water looks like the surface of a planet!"  We agreed, then jokingly added, "Well, that's what it is, actually."  

Around 9:30 time dilation became immense, and we tried not to look at our phones' clocks too often.  Around this time, we were feeling very relaxed, euphoric, and chatty, so we decided to dose the rest of our bags, for a total of about 2.5g's eaten by each of us.  The quiet ebbing and flowing of the water against the rocks and the crickets and frogs in the Florida marsh chiming their nightly song provided a soundscape to die for.  Each ten minutes felt like about one hour.  N seemed to be well ahead of us in tripping intensity, as when he asked to walk back to the car from the water's edge he didn't form a sentence too well.  We were all three very agreeable and decided we'd head back to the car for a bit.  We got in, turned on some cold A/C, leaned our seats back, and J put on some relaxing tunes, I believe which was some more Daft Punk.  

Now at this point, I experienced the only slightly negative part of the trip.  N sat with his headphones in, wanting to vibe to something by himself, and J seemed to be almost completely sober still.  I felt awkward and depersonalized, and began to worry a bit.  I felt trapped in a foreign headspace and my thoughts felt kind of dark and confined.  The car became my reality -- what was outside I could not know or feel, all I could do was painfully re-examine the dashboard about 10 times each minute.  I remembered my psychedelic reading/preparation and quietly mentally talked myself out of worry, but it was a bit of a challenge.  (FYI, I've had some seriously anxious/scared moments that turned into days of continued anxiety with weed, even though I am naturally a very easygoing person and can flow with basically anything.)  My stomach was feeling a little nauseous, despite eating lightly and healthily all day, and consuming the mushrooms on a basically empty stomach.  

I kept my worries to myself and attempted to maintain a positive outside appearance, and eventually we left the car after about 15 minutes to go back to relax on the water's edge.  When I reached the water again, my worries and anxiety disappeared.  I became incredibly relaxed, comparable to a few shots of alcohol and maybe some pain medication one might get after a surgery.  I was much more clear-headed though.   My senses seemed "high" and "glowing."  Everything flowed together, the water really helped this.  J and I sat talking on the ledge, both tripping slightly but not in any sort of overpowering or all-encompassing way.  We talked about how comfortable we felt, and I remember thinking how content I was to be right there, at that moment, with those friends.  

Then, all of a sudden, J and I heard voices from behind us and we looked around to see N babbling on his cell phone to our other friend R.  R is a redneck from another city, but a dear friend of N and I's.  J and I listened to what N was saying on the phone, and it consisted of "You just gotta do what you gotta do, man.  I love you, man.  I'm just out here with C (me) and my boy J trippin, man!  Life is great man, everything is quite all right."  N stumbled around in pure unfiltered bliss.  His voice seemed totally changed, nowhere near serious, but J and I determined he wasn't faking anything.  He was experiencing true peace.  He calmly spoke to the grass and us and R on the phone all at once, and looked and sounded completely different than his normal persona.  There was nothing negative about it though, and since he wasn't calling his mom or anything, we all smiled and laughed and agreed.  

J and I continued to talk on the water's edge, and time passed very slowly.  We were very mellow and it felt reminiscent of a weed high to a degree, but in a (for me) much better way.  I loved the clear-headedness and wavy visuals.  All I could do was smile and relax.  J and I took turns doing this thing where we'd describe a setting comparable to the way we felt, and the one I remember most was when I described the following.  I compared looking over the water to being in a formal dinner hall with dim lights, with waiters in full black attire calmly making menu suggestions to guests, with the gentle clatter of forks and knives on plates and the friendly, humming chatter between the guests.  Our consciousness seemed to shift to whatever picturesque scene we would describe, and I felt immersed in what I was describing when I closed my eyes.  N seemed to really enjoy this, lying on his back in the grass mumbling and smiling, saying "You're painting such a beautiful picture."  N then called his longtime girlfriend and continued to babble and stumble in complete acceptance and happiness.  We all bonded so well that night.  

Around 10:30 we decided to return to the car and I was becoming more introspective at this point.  I was very slowly coasting down, and I never really hit an aggressive peak, but in my first trip, that was what I was looking for anyway, a smooth introduction.  We called our other friend A who had just got back in town, and lived nearby, so he swung over to hang out with us.  While he was on his way, J and N sat in the car listening to music and I decided it would be a nice idea to relax on the roof of the car and look at the stars, because I remembered feeling confined inside the car.  Great decision.  I lied on my back on top of the '06 Camry watching the stars vibrate and spin slowly in a giant circle, like a space-observatory/star-show presentation.  I could hear the muffled music from inside the car, and also the sounds of nature.  It was a perfect balance and at that moment I remember feeling so thankful for my friends and where I was, very small in the scale of the universe, altogether very quiet, pensive, and calm.  It was a weird combination of all sorts of thoughts, none of which took center-stage in my mind, they all just shared it happily, and no feeling was overwhelming.  

Around 11:30 our friend A showed up and N seemed to touch back down to ground level pretty quickly, and J and I's more gentle trips also seemed to coast downwards and I felt more sober.  A asked if we wanted to burn, I politely declined but the other three guys hit a bowl of some great buds and we all sat on top of our cars watching the stars and laughing and joking. 

Our buddy A ended up driving us around the neighborhood a bit and we listened to some relaxing-smooth-bass-style Outkast and other raps, and ended the night over burgers from Five Guys, reflecting on the night, especially N's hilarity and total bliss-moments where he experienced a trip that seemed to trump J and I's by miles.  

Thanks for reading!  I tend to ramble.  Love y'all here at the Shroomery.  Totally recommend mushrooms to anyone who's interested.  A very beautiful and smooth introduction into the world of psychedelia.  

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