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My Fist Batch 15g dry 6 people arty

Golden Teachers Cubes

  First off I am a Newb at growing. This was my first batch, that ending up being about 15gs dry. Witch was just anough to throw a small party at my house last night. I separated the dry shroom matter between 6 people. Evey one took 2 grams expect for me I ate 3g. No one had any visuals last night only a good body and mind fuck. I usually pick my mushrooms from a cow field since i live in Florida and that is perfectly legal here. But if caught by the police they will bug the shit out of you, but no charges will be prest unless you are trespassing. Any ways all in all it was a great bonding experience for me and my friends  But i'm always looking for a more visual trip then a mind and body one. It seems like when i use to pick them from a field i use to get mad visuals. Is there a different strain i should try? Or am i just not taking enough. Sometimes ill take Molly with my shrooms and ill get visuals but other then that nothing. Very disappointing.

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