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a shroomy week end

please excuse the spelling mistkaes im sure u will work it out im sitll pretty smashed O_O I had been researching shrooms for a while as i do with any new drug I try.

please excuse the spelling mistkaes im sure u will work it out im sitll pretty smashed


I had been researching shrooms for a while as i do with any new drug I try.
I found out the information i need to correctly identify the species of mushroom i was searching for, got some mates and we were off.

It had been raining heavyily for about 2 days or so. we went to check out a local farm as soon as we were there we saw about 4 other guys walking around we lay low in the scrub to make sure they wernt the people who owned the farm. but yea they wernt, so i yelled out "FOUND ANY SHROOMS BOYS?! " I scared the SHIT out of them, i was wearing pretty daggy clothes and i was wearing gum boots so i kinda looked like a farmer. they made up some lame excuse why they were there but I ened up telling them we were there for the same reason. we checked out there haul but it wasent that good only about 20 small caps. we had a look around any way and found about 8 more decent sized caps.

were were dissapointed with that hunt so we went for a bit of a drive we came to another farm which was much bigger and there was no one to be seen. we walked for ages trying to get to the border of the farm where all the trees were. this hunt was very sucessful =) we found 4 good sized mushys with caps ranging from 5 to 10 cm. the rest were a medium size. we were happy with our hunt and we came to the end of the farm. there there was a giant fucking red belly black snake. we pretty much ran our asses off.

On the way back the cows were chacing us it was kinda creepy they had calfs so i guess they were jsut being protective. we finally got back to the car checked out our stuff. we threw away some suspect looking mushrooms which were not bluing at all. they were completely orange if any one knows what these are let me know!.

We still had a respectible quanity of good sized shrooms. we got home and chopped them up, boiled them in 1100 mls of water for 15 mins and divided it up i allowed the extra 100 ml cause it reduced down a bit, so that 250 ml between us all. it all worked out perfect. we sweetened the brew with honey and downed it at aobut 3:30

About 20 mins later i felt an up lifting feeling I couldnt wipe the smile from my face I knew i was in for an awsome ride with my good friends. my house is great for tripping every thing is wooden and there are alot of beautiful paintings and plants ect, the walls seemed to sway and breath. we sat togeather and described the effects seeing as it was all our first time on shrooms we were overwhelmed with it all.

We sat and laughed at stupid things for what seemed like hours, we sat out side and i watched a friend smoke the smoke in the sunlight between the lattice of my front verandah was amazing. my garden was so good to watch every thing seemed so full of life. after a while of listening to music we decided to go for a walk down the street to skate around. we must have looked like the biggest idiots sitting in the street laughing uncontolibly. I was amazed with every thing i looked at the detail and colours of every thing. I drank alot of water, i felt if i didnt id prob throw up. I felt some negitive effects but they didnt last long, I was with my best friends they made me so happy i could feel the LOVE!

after a while we called another friend who was sober to come rescue us cause it was getting cold and dark pretty quick. we went to maccers and got some food which was kinda hard to eat, but it tasted good. i sat there and watched the giant posters of burgers move around, the lettuce seemed to curl up then go back to normal. people must have thought we were so weird, but none of us cared we wernt going to let any thing ruin our trip. the boys wanted to go check out another spot to get some more but i was exausted and just watned to go home, plus i had to work the next day. slowly the OEV's stopped and i just felt stoned... so I did the right thing and smoked some weed, which put a whole new spin on things.. over all it was an awsome afternoon, its 8:00 pm now and i feel good. one of the funnest days in my life.

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