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Second trip

Three grams

I had first eaten shrooms a couple years ago. It was a very mild (but interesting trip). I think my medication weakened it a lot. Yesterday I got three grams, skipping my antidepressant. I ate them at about 5:20 PM. While waiting for them to kick in I talked to a friend online. After awhile I put on my Skinny Puppy - Handover CD. After about 25 minutes I was feeling a mild stony effect and words on my screen were looking a little wavy. I looked at the painting "Cthulhu Rising" by Alex Ruiz on my computer from time to time, noticing how Cthulhu's claws and body were moving around and looking more and more lifelike. The same was happening with some other artwork (including my posters), but not all of it that I looked at. Music didn't sound any different, but it seemed to go with the mood better than usual. After about ten more minutes when he walls were breathing a little, I told my friend I was gonna go. I kept wandering between rooms, noticing that each one seemed to have a very different atmosphere. My H.R. Giger "Anima Mia" poster was looking quite lifelike, with a considerable amount of movement. I went outside and wandered around a bit, feeling connected with every plant, the soil, and the sky. I started to go for a walk, but it was way too hot and the mosquitoes were overwhelming. I came back in, doing more of the same things; observing art and other objects. I had very little sense of time. I often felt like I was going in and out of the trip. Sometimes thinking that I wasn't tripping at all anymore, but then feeling the thick, bizarre atmospheres and noticing the waviness of my surroundings again each time. At around 7 I took my dog out. I felt connected with nature even more this time, in ways beyond words. Eventually coming back in, I felt a very strong connection with my dog and cat. I looked at more art, much of which was religious art. I am not a religious person at all, but I really absorbed the emotion that was put into the art. Looking at paintings of angels, I contemplated the concept of humanoids with wings and the ability to fly, and how this concept has been in various mythology over the ages. At some point (indeterminable among my distorted perception of time) I put on Skinny Puppy - Bites and Remission. I enjoyed the darkness of the music and the way it effected the atmosphere of the room that my stereo was in. From time to time when it seemed that the atmosphere was overwhelming, I would go elsewhere to shift paradigms. A lot of this probably sounds really boring, but the feelings and connections I felt throughout the trip were indescribably amazing. By 9:00 the most intense effects were over (again, surely because of my prescribed medication), but the calmness and more balanced feeling lingered.

So far, visual hallucinations I've had with shrooms have been what I would consider pretty mild. I plan to eventually try a considerably stronger dose. I think psilocybin is very beneficial to people like myself who suffer from severe anxiety and OCD. My first experience was nothing too special, but I definitely "get" it now. It has enhanced my enjoyment of all things that I appreciate. It has helped me to stop dwelling on myself and relax with my place in the universe. I find the effect very exciting and very calming at the same time. I very much look forward to more experiences with this beautiful phenomenon of nature and the psyche. It has been amazing to get used to at home by myself, but I want to experience the effects more outdoors and among friends as well.

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