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50 grams of wet psilocybe cambodians

I wanted to trip hard...and I did.

Hi everyone, I'm not sure in what order these events happened to me on Friday July 26, 2013., but I will do my best. I'll keep it short.

I tell my girlfriend I am tired of having weak trips and that I want to go all out. I remember my girlfriend and I chopping up the up them up and putting them in a glass of orange juice. It took me 20 minutes to down all mine and about 40 minutes for her. After one hour, I felt like I had just downed 2 shots of tequila back to back. I thought I was peaking. After 2 hours I remember laying in the bathtub because I was so cold. I remember having to puke but I never did. The hot water felt too good. I get out of the bath and begin to completely loose track of time and somehow I end up on the floor under my computer desk with a sheet covering me. I remember pissing myself but don't remember ever cleaning it up. My girlfriend was downstairs playing some stupid ass video game extremely loud to the point where I thought all the neighbors were going to call the cops and complain. I yell at her to shut it off and she comes up stairs with this blank look on her face asking me, "was I being loud?" I tell her to keep it down and she grabs some weed from my room and takes it downstairs. At this point I can't comprehend how the fuck she wanted to get even MORE high. 

I get into bed and I close my eyes. I see green and blue "lines" flowing in random directions. I smile and begin laughing. My boss from work slips into my mind and I can't help but feel his aura. It feels like he is watching over me and I now see him for what he truly is, my guardian angel. The rest of the night I lay in bed thinking of random things, most of which I cannot recall. 

I learned a totally new respect for magic mushrooms last night. I will never forget my first intense trip. 

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