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150 LSD experiences + mushrooms summed up

egodeaths on each eventually when least suspected it, and didn't know at first

Lived the typical cubicle life, studying and working as only enjoyment in life for many years.

Did LSD 100 times in moderate/high doses alone , and maybe 2-3 times with friends

Learned each time when alone(mostly from high doses, always 3hits+), no learning when tripping with non-tripping people

Learned from nature each time, pets and houseplants etc., walking in nature/sitting in nature

Sometimes I would get messages while taking LSD or Mushrooms
felt like a caring spirit that wanted to help me and others

the messages is in my other journal

the messages came out of nowhere with no previous thoughts for hours, and usually there would be eyes everywhere in the room when it happened looking at me (both on LSD and on mushrooms)

the messages helped me a lot each time, and often helped me help others

after 100 doses of LSD something happened
I died that night and was reborn a few times, then the next day everything changed

felt love for myself and everything on the planet for the first time in over a decade, and ever since

after that trip on LSD (egodeath), I tried mushrooms, 3g of mushrooms helped me find myself
have been happy since that day, everyday, since I know what I appreciate/love now

have since tried sharing with close friends, and their lives have changed as much as me
it has brought happiness to everybody(salvia/shrooms/L), and completely turned lives around

my life has been changed too, I live a simpler life now, and don't earn as much money
but more happy than before

dosage: always took 3 hits of LSD (sometimes more), or 3.5-5g mushrooms
setting: nature, home near nature(houseplants/pets), progressive psytrance (youtube)
before: no love for self, very sick, no enjoyment in life
after: appreciate everything, love myself and others as much as I ever remember doing

would recommend to anybody, I think LSD could save the world

because it helps people realize their mistakes, so they can fix them and be happy


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