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a saturday night out

It was a saturday night amd we had 8grams of shroomz on us that we had waited for weeks to get.

It was a saturday night amd we had 8grams of shroomz on us that we had waited for weeks to get.We had all met up at my house we were 6 guys to have tooken it. At first it started to taste bad but then it tasted like a regular mushroom. After finnishing eating it we meet up with one of my friends and he then took it. As soon as we went to the bar we meet up with another of our friends and he took it to. There was only one guy left and i had to order a double dose of acid for 15$ and got it in 15 minutes. We waited and waited and nothing was happening we were saying that we had gotten riped off my the dealer but 1:20 after taking it we started to feel it hitting. At one point i was looking for one of my friends i was very confused so i decided to look in the washroom and there i found him with a pair of rubber gloves on and draino in his hands and he said" Dave the toillet bowl needs some draino, it makes a long time that know one put any in" form that moment i knew it was over for him. So i called everyone to see and they were all on the floor crying, from that point on i knew it was starting to hit hard. We then decided to leave to go meet another of my friends 10min away.
On the bus there was a bunch of retards and a begger sleeping as soon as we saw that we started to laugh so hard that he bus driver was going to kick us off the bus. As soon as we got there we went to buy something to eat while 5 of my friends went to meet my other friend.i Had to order some acid again and waited so my other friends went to smoke up. As soon as i got my acid i went to give it to them a nd they took it right away before they went to role a joint.
When everything was done and everybody was finnished we were walking to kfc. My friends told me that their was going to be deers coming after me so i was "there is no deers in a city" and i started to laugh. When we got to kfc i when to role in the washrooms it took me about a half hour and i couldnt still do it so i asked one of my friends and it was donne. When i went to go smoke it with one of my friends i was having a laught because these skinni chinese guys were making us laugh. When i was done smoking and went back to kfc my friend was talking too two of the employes there and he was telling them that he saw the ghost of the kernel. When i herd that i was laughing so hard that i was about to piss in my pants. I went to call all of my friends to come and see and they started to laught so hard too. At one point he grabed one of the fliers and said that he saw the kernel in the kitchen and he was coming after him. We were laughing for about an hour straight at him he was fronzen when he said he saw the kernel and telling them that he was coming back to life.
I was then trying to order som nuggets and i was telling the guy who worked there that i wanted 10 chicken mcnuggets he then thought that i was fucked royaly, because i said mcnuggets. When i started to think again i rellyzed that their was a picture off them and pointed at it and said that i wanted that.30 min later well all got kicked out and went back to the bar.
When i was walking to the bus stop it felt like i was flooting in the air.So we then call a cab to come and pick us up.we were 5 guys in a cab and the driver was this funny looking guy that was talking about the cops taking away his licence and we were dying i was laughing so hard in his face.
As soon as we got to the bar we had the biggest laught of our life. Me and my friend were playing fozzball with a ballon that the guy gave us from kfc. We then reallized that we were idiots. After one hour we went home and then i started to see things. My wall was getting closser to me and there was a red light that came from nowere and i started to talk to myself until i fell asleep but i think that i was allucinating my sleep.whem i looked at the ceilling i saw these with things flying at my face. It was a crazy thing man.
That was my saturday out and i cant wait until next saturday im double dosing.This is from montreal.

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