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Tripping By Myself

Tripping alone is a double edged sword.

Let me start by saying, I think everyone on the planet needs to experience mushrooms. Psilocybin is such an eye opening drug that that will humble even the most confident of men.

Now, having just discovered this wonderful website, I'm going to try to write about a trip I had kind of a while ago, at least six months back. I hopefully have a trip planned for the near future, but I wanted to hit the message boards now.

I am an experienced traveler. I have tripped around ten times in my life. My dosages have ranged from 1.5 to 5 grams. I usually like to eat an eighth; more if the circumstances are right. So enough background info, let's get into this one experience I had.

I came home from girlfriends, it was probably about 12 o'clock. I had a bag of mushrooms sitting in my room that I had been hanging onto for a while, just waiting for the right time to eat them. I'm not positive how much I had, probably around 3 grams. It wasn't a good looking bag of mushrooms either. It was chafey and most of the solid stuff was stems with a few small caps. Anyway, my parents were asleep, and my brother was gone for the night, and I decided that I wanted to eat those mushrooms now.

So, I ate the contents of the bag with a big glass of water. It was pretty unpleasant. The ground up bits didn't go down easily, but I managed by guzzling the water. By the time I had finished eating it was probably about 12:45ish. 

So, with me mushrooms take about 30 minutes before I can start to notice the effects. I have a fast metabolism and maybe it's just in my head, but about 30 minutes after consumption is when I start to get some light visuals. This night was no different.

After I ate all of the mushrooms I had just laid back in my bed watching tv, waiting for the effects to kick in. Constantly asking myself, 'Am I tripping yet?'. I was getting that nervous-anxious feeling in my stomach. Not really a stomach ache, but just kind of a tight feeling in my gut. Then I looked down at my hands, and I knew I was starting to trip.

There is something about my hands when I'm tripping, and when I look at them I just realize how weird they are. How pink the skin is and how oddly shaped they are, and I think of myself as an animal, like a pig or something. So sure enough, I looked down at my hands my mind was filled with these thoughts, of how bizarre my hands look...and then I knew I was starting to trip. Now this trip was unique for me, cause I had never eaten mushrooms alone before. So this was a first.

Surprisingly I ended up turning off the tv about a half hour in.I didn't want the distraction. As the trip intensified I was laying in my bed, lights off, just thinking. Tossing and turning under the blankets while my mind raced. I had moments where I was laughing out loud, just thinking of my past. Then minutes later, I would be in deep depression, on the verge crying. Just not knowing what I was doing with my life, while also battling depressing memories that I was thinking about in new ways. My eyes were always open, just staring at parts of my room, my pillow, my bed while lost in thought.

At one point, I noticed the glow from my alarm clock which had cast a shadow in the corner of my room. Scared the hell out of me. It looked like the outline of a shadowy person just hanging out in the corner of my room, watching me. I jumped up from my bed at this point before realizing no one was there. I paced around my room a bit before getting back in bed. And once I laid down again I had what I can only describe as, a "brain orgasm".  

Sounds strange obviously. But, how it felt was just, a loud ringing in my ear that gradually intensified until it was all I could hear. Then it just felt like my brain was vibrating for a second or two and I couldn't help but close my eyes. And it honestly just felt good. It also made me happier. I had I think three of these throughout the trip. The last one came at about 7 o'clock in the morning.

My dad had left for work, and i figured it safe enough to head downstairs. The trip had wound down at this point, but I was still wired. I got a beer from my fridge (miller lite) and took a sip, and instantly got that "brain orgasm". It was the best beer I have ever had.

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