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First time 5 gram Penis Envy trip

total loss of ego with amazing eye sight

    It was night when i ate the shrooms for the first time in my garage with my best friend around 2 in the morning. i ate 5 grams of completely dried penis envy. they did not taste bad at all just a little earthy. the plan was to eat the shrooms relax in the porch where the lighting was trippy then later go upstairs to my room. it kicked in about 25 minutes or so after i ate the first shroom. we didn't stay long in the porch but as soon as we left it hit me. on the way to the door i was walking very strange and i felt really good. We went to my room and my friend put on a scary mask to try to trip me out but i just laughed at him. he then turned off the lights and that's when the weirdest part of the trip occurred  My mind was spinning and i was thinking a thousand things at once. because i couldn't see i was rolling on the floor and i kept putting my hand in my mouth. i faintly remember anything because it was pitch dark. the only things i actually remember from that night was only because it involved light and feeling. i remember sticking my hands in my mouth, seeing the light on my stereo and the VIZIO logo glow on my t.v. my friend told me the next day that i was ranting about the universe but i didn't recollect those thoughts at that time. I had also pissed on myself while i was rolling on the floor. i also bashed my head and neck on the corner of my desk but i felt nothing just a slight pressure. my friend told me i was tapping on random things and at one point i was hitting the floor so he had to slap me. He also told me i was tripping balls.
    After that hazzy night the sun began to rise and i could see again. this is when my trip got a whole lot better. i could think strait and the world around me was morphing, my hands looked thicker and plumper than usual. i walked to the loft (felt like i was floating due to numbness of body) where i sleep when i have guests and lied down. literally a minute after i lied down my mother woke up and started getting ready for work as if it was fate. i remember staring at my hands. i looked out the window and my neighbors house seemed to assemble in blocks of color. while i was looking at this tree in front of my house, it seemed like i was watching its life cycle for the past few months in a span of seconds. everything was so vivid sharp and morphing throughout the entire trip. for instance later on i looked at my phone and individual letters where getting bolder and thinner, larger and smaller. i felt like i could see extremely well as if my eye sight improved ten times fold. I could hardly feel myself breath and it felt like really clean breaths. My mom was ironing clothes, the water in the iron was swishing and it sounded amazing and unfamiliar. 
    I then stood up from the couch and said hello to my mother, realized i had pissed myself, took a shower and put on new clothes. in the shower i noticed the texture on the roof was morphing expanding and contracting. I looked in the mirror and i felt like i had finally understood who i am. Afterwards my mother asked me to walk the dog because she was running late. When i opened the door I was in awe. the amount of beauty i experienced made me cry. i kept saying to myself i cant believe this has been right in front of me my whole life. i felt like i could see every drop of water from the morning dew on every plant in sight. i looked up and the clouds where so amazing. i saw people in the distance and felt the urge to connect with them but didn't because i knew i was on shrooms. i felt so much love for every living organism and every piece of art basically all matter. i went upstairs to my room sat down in my chair opened my window and stared into my back yard. i was examining each plant and noticed its sway in the wind. i felt the urge to stick my finger under my tongue and rubbed it between my fingers. it felt like my saliva was healing. i began pinching and tugging on individual hairs on my leg watching light reflect off. i then kept repeating "the universe makes so much sense" "Its so simple" "i have unlocked Christ consciousness" "this is astounding" "i am the observer of the universe and this is my purpose". i began thinking about Art and how everything is Art. I told myself im going to live a simple life as an artist living in an A-frame cabin in the mountains. I'm going to go on journeys into nature with just a pad of paper and pencils. I'm a ceramic artist and i seldom draw but it seemed appealing at the time. basically for an hour i sat starring out my window philosophizing about the universe, art, psychology, love and more. I felt the inability to hate and i felt completely enlightened. Now that i know what it feels like, i know what i'm striving for. The only thing i regret is not taking mushrooms my freshman year in high school because i would have been such a better person. Taking these mushrooms is the most inspiring thing i have ever done and will be a great positive influence on my future life. 

1. have at least a dim light on all the time
2. go outside
3. have a sitter your first time
4. don't be afraid of heavy doses 
5. write down trip reports after
6. write down inspiring thoughts
7. eat the shrooms on an empty stomach
8. eat them raw with no food additives 
9. don't go into public unless on small dose
10. clean your trip atmosphere before hand
11. have art work to view
12. try not to piss yourself
13. go to the bathroom before you eat the shrooms

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