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First Shrooms Experience


My first time trying shrooms was not a forgettable experience. My two best buddies and I had recently found a new dealer, and his pot was amazing. He said he had some shrooms in, and we couldn't resist. We bought 15 grams. After doing some research as to a good dosage for each of us, we just said screw it, we'll take five each. At around 5 or 6 in the evening, we ingested the shrooms. Wasn't a bad taste, but I did need something to eat after chewing them up. 
Soon after eating them, we all decided to go chill on the couch. We had one bowl of weed. My two buddies said I should go for it because I had the lowest tolerance. So I got fairly stoned, and we started watching some netflix. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening for a good half an hour. But around the 45 minute mark, I had switched highs. I was more alert of my surroundings, and colors were bright and vibrant. Things started to seem silly. One of my friends sitting furthest from me starting giggling, and then, before I knew it, so was I. We both broke into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. I felt that we were connected in this experience of joy, and as we rode many waves of laughter, we would settle back down to being content. My other friend was not in the same mindset as we were, he was just zoning on whatever we were watching on netflix. Everything seemed perfect in the moments after my friend and I finally stopped laughing but I felt concern for my other friend. I asked him what he was feeling, and he said all he felt was some pain in his stomach. Of the 15 grams, we measured out five each but our dealer weighed us a little heavy so there was a bit left over. He wanted to take it. I was in no mood to stop him. Eventually he came to join us in this uncontrollable laughter, and all was well. Once the laughter subsided, I noticed my thinking was not the same. As I sunk back into the couch, the whole room expanded in a bubble as the floor pushed outwards in all directions. I needed to go to the bathroom, so I got up and started the crazy trip through the apartment to the bathroom. I checked the time, it was only 7 so it was only an hour and some into the trip. Walking was more like floating. My feet didn't feel the ground, but I could walk just fine. 
After what seemed like years going to the bathroom, I came back to the living room, sat down and watched Futurama with my friends for the next two hours at least. Futurama was such a familiar show that I felt greeted by it's presence but almost disturbed at how little I knew about it. The show turned into a wave of melting colors and I was happy and content with my slight visual hallucinations. At some point, while watching netflix, I got up abruptly (I still don't know why, but I was tripping so..) and had the sudden feeling of dancing. It was absolutely incredible; the movement of my body. I believe we turned some music on, and the beat was unimaginable. After my dancing fit, I lied on the ground and notice the texture of the ceiling was morphing and dancing, almost like it was as alive as I was. While I'm off in shroom land, my two buds are discussing taking a few salvia hits. At this point, I was ready for anything! I was so optimistic tat anything was possible. So, my first friend takes a nice hit out of a small pipe, and I muster up the words "what strength is this?" He responds as he exhales, "60X" I'm just thinking let's do it at this point. After my other friend gets his hit in, I take the pipe and salvia from him. I loud the pipe full, unaware of the experience I was about to have. I hit it, clear the bowl and hold it in for as long as I ever had before then. As I exhaled I felt a strange sensation of disassociation, as I usually do when I smoke salvia.

WARNING: I do not wish to discourage anyone from trying salvia. Remember, I was on shrooms. This experience, albeit scary, was a very profound one. 

About fifteen seconds after exhaling, my eyes had focused on the couch. The colors of orange (the couch), red (a blanket) and blue (my friend jeans) all started to morph together. I was unaware of it at the time, but I was slowly rocking back and forth while sitting cross legged. I heard a voice, I'm still not sure if it was my mind or I spoke it but all I know is I heard "is this tripping?" more clear than anything else I've ever heard. After what was probably my last thought in this world, I felt my ego leave in one quick movement. And then, blackness. I had probably closed my eyes, but what I thought had happened was I had ceased to exist. For whatever reason, when I opened my eyes again, I had moved my head around 180. Now I was looking at the tv. But my trip was a little different. I thought I was flying through a white and grey void, one that never ended. I wanted to find my self again, and suddenly I was in a white room. I looked at my ego. I saw everything I was in an image that isn't logical in this world. And as I looked down on this image, I couldn't help but want to be that entity again. Suddenly I am once again this entity. But somethings not the same. Then I hear it.. "what do you want to do now?" Then that sentence repeated into what seemed like infinity. I thought I had to choose what life I wanted to live. Not like morally, but literally who I was going to live as. All I could think was "I want to go back to my old body." It scared me because I no longer knew who "I" was. From the whiteness all around me there emerged a hand. I held my hand out to shake it. Now, reality is shaking hands with people. I'm in an infinite group of people, and all we do, ever day, every month, every year, is shake each others hands. This is reality now. Something isn't right, my mind says. I float on through my trip and suddenly see a familiar yet unfamiliar face, floating directly in the center of my vision. It's my friend, but I don't recognize him as that, I just know that I know him. Finally, I'm back. "heha, what?" my friend says. Then I say "we gotta turn this off now!" We were watching some gangster movie my friend put on. It literally caused my trip to be how it was. I fear ever watching it again because I'd probably have an awful flash back. But, after that we pretty much just crashed. I found falling asleep hard though. The comedown was subtle but still there. 

Well, that pretty much sums up my first shrooms experience. Thanks for reading! 
Let peace, love, caffeine and other drugs guide you to happiness in this life.

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