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250 seeds of morning glory

What happened was not what I expected...

9:30 AM   Finished eating 250 seeds of heavenly blue morning glories.

9:40 AM   First nausea wave hit me pretty hard.

9:50 AM   Vomited 2 times the water that I drank after eating the seeds.

10:00 AM  Went to bed,fell asleep and had the most vivid lucid dreams that I have experienced in my entire life.

13:00 PM  Woke up,realized that I can't move,freaked out,didn't knew what was happening.

13:20 PM  Paranoia hit me,started shaking and breathing very fast while experiencing mild hallucinations and extreme nausea.

13:30 PM  Fell asleep again.

14:30 PM   Woke up,still shaking,still paranoic,decided to go for a walk in the house,felt very dizzy and nauseous,tried to vomit but failed and started to visualize 3D patterns with my eyes closed.

15:00 PM   Panic is consuming me,the trip is becoming too intense,suicidal thoughts arise,shakiness and extreme fear make me collapse.

15:10 PM   Passed out due to intense stress,fear,paranoia.Had a lucid dream followed by an OBE.

16:00 PM    Woke up,the panic is slowly fading away,nausea is less intense,still shaking a bit.Started watching TV,started relaxing.

18:00 PM    No more panic,no more paranoia,no more stress,no more patterns.Inspirational thoughts,ideas start coming into my mind.I'm attempting to learn something from the experience.

20:00 PM    Ate something,went web surfing,still feeling dizzy and feeling positively touched by the whole experience.

21:00 PM    Writing this report,dizziness is not yet gone.I realize that this experience helped me discover my hidden desires.I finally understand that running from real life problems is not a solution.Drugs are not a solution.

Drugs just remind ourselves that we must face reality and not hide or run away from it's problems.

Even if I feel enlightened by the experience,even if,right now,I think that I should never try this again,in the close future I will yet again forget what I learned from this and try it again.

Extra:I believe that the whole experience lasted longer than it should and the effects were more intense because,in the previous day,I drank a bottle of wine and I was on the hangover when I took the seeds.

Conclusion:Don't try drugs if you aren't prepared for them,I learned it in the hard way.Death is the single ''true'' escape from reality.

Peace. ~Grigore

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