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tripping on the side of the road

3 grams - p. subs

Well i will start of by saying that i originally wasnt going to post this trip but since ive got nothing better to do i thought i may as well.

it was a saturday morning when i decided i felt like going on a mind journey so i got my phone out and contacted a good mate to see if he felt like coming tripping with me, he declined by saying he couldnt be fucked, owell i thought it was about time i tried tripping by myself anyways. I got in my car and drove to a spot in the mountains right next to a little river, it had been a while since i had been to this spot, i had only came here fishing once about a year ago, and i had forgotten how close to the road it was. Now don't worry it wasnt a busy road, i'm not silly enough to go and trip on the side of a busy highway, but you would get about 2 cars driving past every hour on this road, depending on how many minutes where in that hour ;).

I then proceeded to get out my bag of dried shrooms and weigh it, 21 grams fuck yeh, i got out three grams, this was the first time ive ever actually weighed my doses, i had only taken them once before this season and they were fresh and before that it had been a full two years since i had tripped, although two years ago me and my mate did get on the mushrooms pretty heavy although never for spiritual reasons, quite simply we just wanted to get fucked up, anyways ill get back to the point. This was going to be my second trip ever done for spiritual reasons. I put the magical substance on a peanut butter sandwich and munched away, it was approximately 2:00pm, well i think so anyways, and it was the first thing i had had to eat since last nights dinner. I then decided to go for a wander through the forest while i wait for them to kick in. Soon enough they where kicking in and i was excited, i kept wandering through the forest  noticing how much sharper my eyesight was as i stopped and studied some moss growing on a tree, everything was beautiful at this stage, i could only walk a few metres before i had to stop and look in amazement at how wonderful this forest was.

Sooner or later i started getting annoyed with myself and on where my thought patterns where going, it reminded me of when i was a teenager when i came close to giving myself pyschosis or at least what i assumed to be by smoking to much weed and letting my head brood in paranoia. So i decided to head back to the car before things got worse, after briefly getting stucktangled in some thick undergrowth and laughing at my own misfortune i was back in the car. I turned on the radio and started lisning to some tunes, stopping on a station here and there to listen to whatever song was playing appreciating the different varieties of music. I remember flicking the station over to a news channel that was in a completly different language which made me instantly burst out in a intense laughing fit, they talked so fast and they never stopped, it was fucking hilarious. I then quickly change the station again out of fear that my head would simply implode if i listened to this any longer. I happened to change it to a station playing classical music, i decided to stop and listen for a bit as i have always thought about listening to classical music while tripping to see what it was like.

For some reason the classical music seemed to intensify the trip, while beforehand the open eyed visual was basically just everything wobbling and waving but now everything was just starting to blur together, i couldn't focus on anything outside the car, nothing had a clear outline all the colors where mixing together. I then noticed that i literally couldnt work my body out, my legs where reminding me of people for some reason and my arms felt out of place. i tried to ignore it at first by not looking at any of the limbs attached to my body but they where always in the corner of my eye. i then decided i should try watching a movie or something, i picked up my phone, shit no reception means no internet, i picked up my old dusty ipod and looked in there, all i could find where a couple of old 2 minute pornos.... owell fuck it why not. WARNING: if your easily disgusted stop reading now. Watching the porn slightly turned me on so therefor i decided to have a wank, i got as far as an erection but no ejecting, my mind drifted off before i could finish the job, but in that time i imagined having sex with a girl while we where both on shrooms and fuck did the imagination feel magical, it felt like it would be so much more then stick it in and go for it, it felt like it would be the sharing of bodies, minds and souls all combining in to one, definitaly have to find a chick who wants to have sex on shrooms, if you know of any send them my way.

Anyways back to the problem of not being able to figure out my body, it hadnt corrected itself yet. I decided to go for a walk to try shake it of, nope that didnt work either. I marched back to the car slightly annoyed yet again. I remember at this stage a car was driving past and i was just hoping like hell that all my arms and legs where in the right place so as they didnt stop to see if i was ok. I started to flick through music on my ipod now and ended up going to my old reggae music on there, it put me in a more relaxed state as i was honing into the music i needed. The sun had set at this stage and I then decided to narrow it down to one artist Xavier Rudd, his black water album to be precise. I had only ever enjoyed maybe one or two songs off this album but it all sounded perfect at the moment. I slowly got more and more relaxed into a more or less dream like state, i could fell something telling me not to drift of because it was dangerous and i might not come back, so i tried to fight it, but i slowly grew weaker and weaker, i let the dream like state take over. I started rythmikly banging on the on the inside of my car with my hands, drifting of with the musics beat, and thats when i felt it happen.

I felt myself start to blur across two different realities, it felt like i was smudged across the physical reality that we live in and a reality that had no substance to it like it was just different colored air, all just imagination even. I cant explain exactly what i felt but it felt magical. I got out of the car with my xavier rudd blaring out the door and started dancing to the music, so lost inside the music and dance that if my car doors weren't  open i would of fallen over mutiple times. I felt so amazingly free, and so happy that i couldnt even smile, like the muscles in my face where weak from joy. I felt like i was apart of everything around me. I danced until i was all back in the one reality, whole in my physical form, and almost sober. And when i had finished dancing, it started to rain, i almost felt like that rain was just for me, that the sky was congratulating me on my achievement, i thought about standing in rain and soaking up its appreciation but the thought of sleeping the night drenching wet made me get quickly back in my car. I spent some time thinking about my trip as i came down, sometimes feeling one of my eyes roll down my face as it jumped back into the other reality for an instance and then came back. I decided that im definitly going to experiment with the whole dance thing on a higher dose and try and get some proper tribal music, might even light a fire and dance around it who knows, but i believe there is definitely more in what i felt and that it deserve to be experimented with. I looked outside at the rain pissing down and decided it was time to go to bed.

FUCK, forgot to set my tent up.

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