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First trip

2.5 grams

So I just now joined this site and I figured I would share my first shroom trip with you guys. Ok so this was a late night trip. I think I ate the shrooms around midnight. So around 20 to 30 minutes after I ate them I started to feel a body high and I started to notice a few things, like I would hear my thoughts like talking to each other in my head. Another 20 minutes later I found myself staring at the carpet thinking it looked so amazing, beautiful. Soon after that I decide to lay down in my bed turn out the lights and watch some youtube videos. I looked up "watch this while tripping" and there was a video with an image of shrooms on the thumbnail so clicked it. It started playing this trippy music and this freaky face popped up on the screen and that face stayed in my vision for like 30 seconds I looked around the room seeing this face and thinking everything is so beatiful. At one point I turn off my phone and just lay on the bed thinking about life. About everything I need to change ways to improve my life. I was just so happy,it was amazing. After that I basically just layed on my bed and kept on laughing,staring at my arm because it looked so cool,looking in the mirror to watch my face morph(creepy as fuck) and just thinking about how beautiful everything was. It was a wonderful trip and I plan on tripping again tonight actually, I've got some shroom tea made and about 5 grams of dried shrooms ready for me. I'm excited. I just wanted to say I've done a lot of drugs and none of them have been as amazing as shrooms.

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