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a satisfying trip

i'm not sure if i truly made it to level 3, but anyways.

i'm not sure if i truly made it to level 3, but anyways.
This report isn't too detailed cause it was sseveral months ago, and im bored now.

k, in grade 8 our high school seemed pretty goody goody, at least my cirlce of friends, then the next year, the new grade eights all seemed to be pot heads, so people had access, anyways, tha whol grade 8+9 classes were pot heads,

one day the kid i sumtimes bought weed off of, asked if i wanted shrooms, i sed sure wtf, an 1/8 was as much as a dimer, and they were prolly stronger.

so on one of my days off i asked my friend to come over and watch t.v/ smoke sum reefer, so she came over and i asked if shed ever tried shrroms she sed no, but she didna want any, so i tripped shrooms, she tripped weed, it was kinda wierd at first, i was afraid of freeking, but i didnt, it came very subtely, everything seemed like surreal, but it all looked tha same, it was like i was THERE like, a feeling i'd had before, but it seemed sorta distant...i felt a higher sense of consciousness, and(i know this whole thing sounds a little cliche but this is how it was) life seemed so simple, like all most humourously so, and for the first time since i was a little kid, maybe even before that, i was happy.

i had to take tha shrooms about 10 in tha morning(they take an houer to kick in and i had to be down when my rents got home)my friend came over about 11 and i passed her a pipe, i sat in a chair while she toked, i felt drained like i could hardly move, i watched the walls, it was like they were breathing.

we went into they media room and she wanted to play psx, so i showed her how to to it andf i lay on tha couch staring at the cieling fan, i thought all its parts were fluctuating in size but i couldnt tell, i sortya lapsed into a dream sorta state, and i think i had a true fleeting hallucination
the light on the ceiling fan changed completley, but as soon as i thought about it, it changed back

when i closed my eyes i could see images, they were 3-d and seemed almost perfect, like the shapes were devine, and i was moving the shapes with my mind, sorta like a subconsciuous thing i guess, but i was aware of it.
i was restless the whole time, but my friened was of course depressed cause of tha weed so she just wanted to watch tv

eventually we went to the store to get candy, it was amazing, all those bright flosrescent packaes and plasctic, it was like the futuere. i reached into my pocket to get money, and i so happened that theire was a rock, frum the beach. i have heard people telling me abouta feeling of oneness with nature, like a physical ffeling of being a tree or a rock or sand. so i reached in my pocket to get the money and picked up tha rock it was a wierd feeling, it seemed like i was a kid at tha beach, it's wierd i cant explain.

so we went home, and played on the trampoline for a while til my rents got home, then i had to got to a scout meeting,

it was a fun expeirince and i'd like to try it agen, with more, and with more peeps, happy shroomin

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