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Yet another first trip here.

24 grams fresh then 2 more dry taken mid-trip

The one and only time I tripped (so far) was doing absolutely nothing but lying on my bed listening to Shpongle and letting myself escape into my own thoughts. I had read many postings from people who have done this with great results. It was more of a precautionary thing since I wanted to eliminate the risk of anything going wrong and I had no idea of exactly what I was about to experience, but with that said I absolutely adore Shpongle when I want my chill music fix.

My dose was roughly 24 grams freshly picked then roughly 2 more grams dry after that (taken mid-trip) which, according to the dosage calculator, should have been enough to give me a good level 3 trip, but it felt as more of a high 2 based on the descriptions and my lack of more vivid open eye visuals and distortions. But i digress..

Doing nothing was definitely something worth doing (pardon the pun (shpongle fans would get it)).  I have this LED strip of lights behind my desk that casts an oscillating spectrum of colors upward behind my monitor and onto my ceiling. At first I thought I would be distracted by the visualization i had going on winamp, but as that first 20 minutes or so passed and I began to lose track of time, I had my eyes locked on this tiny spot on the ceiling that was within the area of this color changing LED. That's when i realized I had this involuntary smile suddenly locked on my face. I literally was trying to keep a straight face but absolutely couldn't for no apparent reason. Then things suddenly got interesting.

As my trip finally seemed to have kick started itself after what seemed like an eternity, I laughed off the fact that I had this silly grin stuck on my face, and then noticed interlacing curves on the wall that sort of cut through the light i was still staring at. They weren't clear lines, they were just slightly brighter highlights of the colors displayed above me. This was really fascinating and I must have stared at this intensifying light for like 15 minutes. Then i decided to experiment with closed eye stuff for a while. Everytime I closed my eyes it would be a more intense experience. First I saw very faint fractals which I found really intense (again i have no idea why), so i had to open my eyes again. Then I finally realized I was listening to a great song and jammed out to that. Hearing the music caused my chest to just surge with happiness, and looking at the visualization on the screen, I felt as though it was a set of lungs breathing in and out. I began to involuntarily sync my own breath with this. My attention decided to trail off the screen and I got distracted by the fact that I had to take a piss..

Getting to the bathroom was pretty easy since I was in my own house locked away in my room so nobody could find me (standard precautions again). I had heard looking in the mirror can be a dangerous thing during a trip depending on how you feel about yourself, but not to me apparently. After relieving myself, I looked into the mirror to examine how massive my pupils had become. I felt extremely good with how my face looked. And I kept moving closer and closer until my nose touched my reflection. My eyes' ability to focus on close objects was quite enhanced. After doing that, I got out of the bathroom laughing my ass off and lied back down on my bed. I decided to close my eyes again to see what i would conjure up this time. I was seeing a lot of red and green this time with this weird fictional looking plant with tentacles. It seemed like kind of a cliche to see something like that, but I definitely did. It was pretty damn cool. 

I don't remember much beyond that in terms of visuals, but later on in the trip was when doing nothing (or at least trying to do nothing) really payed off. I began to really grill myself about my life. I tackled the concept as to why i was always so afraid of what people see in me. I found that the answer was simple. It was to quit worrying so much and let loose a little more around people. I also gained a new appreciation for what I do (I study music) and that I have really been destined to do it my entire life based on how I pretty much always have some sort of music playing in my head and that I am nothing without it. I came down from the trip at about 9pm and felt the sudden urge to go out and take in my new appreciation for myself. I walked around for like 2 full hours and for once, I didn't just have my eyes locked straight ahead through fear of looking at somebody wrongly. Instead I kept my head up and looked around, smiling at those who deserved it, careless of what they would think. It felt good. I am hoping the next trip I have will only help me expand on these good thoughts more.

EDIT: Here's a funny detail I just remember from this trip. I have this cartoon network poster for their 20th birthday. I remember at some point looking at it really closely and seeing Scooby Doo and saying out loud "You eat that sandwich, Scooby!"

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