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DXM Addiction

Slowly increasing and increasing the dose until..

So It all started many years ago when me and three of my friends went on a school trip to Orlando,FL. One of my friends brought DXM. And he was like "Hey we should all do this." He said he had done it before and it was pretty fun so I was like, well I guess so. To be honest I was skeptical and a little scared but I ended up doing it anyways. It was one of the best times I ever had being high. I felt like I was floating on a cloud and everything was just so slow and felt amazing. I think it was only 240mg. I was surprised how long it lasted compared to how long a weed high lasts. I was like dang that was some good stuff. 

Then months went by and the next school year started.  This is the part that's real fuzzy In my memory but here it goes.. So I basically started taking them on a regular basis at school around 8:30 a.m. It was 240mg-300mg  like once or twice a weak. I would go through my classes trippen feeling real good and this went on for a few weeks until that dose wasnt enough for me. I wanted more, I wanted to be higher. So I increased the  dose to about 360mg about every other day. This was sort of a challenge because Im in AP classes and honors classes, but for some reason in a way it helped me. It helped me to think outside of my regular thought process and I would take tests on it and get high B's to low A's. this also went on for weeks and then I wanted to be higher so the dose increased. Now it was 480mg but on top of that around the time I would start coming down off the high I would take 120mg-180mg to basically jolt my high back up. This got to about every other day exactly. Now I wanted more so of course , the dose increased. I was doing about 480mg-660mg everyday. But my friend stopped hooking me up cause I kept buying him out so I looked for a different way to get it. 

I found a local Pharmacy that was close to my house and me and my friend would go in there and take as much as we could. At first we tried to buy them but we were to young. So sadly we stole them. We both became fiends for DXM we were both becoming addicted, but at the time we didn't think so.(He would take the same dosage as I did mentioned above^) So we were both doing 480mg-660mg. We did this for almost three weeks straight except on Saturdays and Sundays. But on one of those days I had did 660mg and I was taking a test over the book "Into Thin Air"( about these climbers climbing Mt. Everest ) and when I was taking the test I closed my eyes and started hallucinating that I was climbing the Mountain with them. It was pretty trippy. And another time I was taking a test in World History and I had a closed eye Hallucination that I was sitting crisscrossed on a cloud and I was asking Buddha answers to the test and he gave them to me and I think I made like a 92 on it, I think I was on about  600mg on that trip. basically Me and my Friend thought that 600mg-660mg was a safe dose and it would get us pretty high. 

We would always talk about doing 720mg it was like a dosage we herd alot of people usually freak out on, so we were kinda scared to do it. But then one Day came when I did that 720mg on a bus ride to a football game(we both were on Drumline and always played our show extremely high but for some reason we always played really good) he wasn't comfortable doing that many so he only did 600mg. I  took the 720mg about an hour before I got on the bus. So 30-45min. After taking them It was starting to kick in and It was coming on overwhelmingly strong I was slurring words but I was still straight. So when I got on the bus I realized I forgot my bag and I had to get back up and get it. It had kicked in even more and I was like dang this is gonna be hard. Right when I stepped off the bus I felt like I was at a different place and I was walking and it was like my arms and my legs were flailing around uncontrollably. So I was like dang. So I walked by some adults and I was looking at their facial expression to see if that's really how I was walking but they just waved and smiled so I assume I was walking fine. So I ran and got my bag and tried to run back on the bus. I felt so confused and disoriented it was aggravating. But then on the bus ride there at one point I though the bus was driving super fast and I was in a sled inside the bus holding on, I felt like if I let go my body would die from the DXM.. It was weird. But it went away after a while and I just started listening to some music chilling.

Now for the story that has me here writing this. This was the time i have been the most high in my life and the first time I got caught with drugs...So it was a Wednesday in December  it was just a usual day But I only had 180mg so I took that but didn't feel anything. Basically every Wednesday was when I'd go to my friends and we would walk to the Pharmacy to stock up on DXM. But my parents wouldn't let me go over there thats Wednesday so I was mad. But I had went to Win Dixie to get something for my mom and I had stole some DXM from there and I got back home and told my friend to come over so he could take half of it and I'd take the other half. But his parents wouldn't let him come over because he had to help his dad put up Christmas lights so I had took the 720mg by myself. After I took it I realized crap. Like and hour or two ago I took 180mg but I didn't feel it. So I was like well Im sure I can handle this.. I was wrong. So we went to pick my friend up and went out to eat and on the way to the restaurant it was starting to kick in and I was like this is gonna be to strong. So we got in the restaurant and I wasn't hungry and my mom noticed something was  wrong cause I was barely eating my food and my mom got up to use the restroom and I turned and looked at my friend and said "We gonna get caught" and she came back and 100% new something was up so she told my brother to take my friend home and she was taking me to the Emergency Room. All I thought was *I don't care* and I got in the car and just sat there emotionless and my mom was on the phone talking to my dad telling him "He is sitting here and has no emotion he looks dead" and then I remember getting to the ER and we were walking in and my mom was having to help me walk cause it was really hard for me to walk on my own. And we got in the ER and she sat me down and told me to stay and she went and signed me in. At this point I thought I was dreaming and was confused looking around thinking *Where am I?* *Who are all these random people?* Then suddenly I snapped back to reality and realized what was happening... I was caught i had thought and was like okay let me erase stuff off my phone I deleted my many pictures of weed and my messages to my dealers and etc. then she came back and asked for all the stuff out my pockets. And I gave it to her. I was like dang perfect timing. Then I got called into a room they asked me my birthday like 5 times, I answered it right everytime. Then they put me in a wheel chair and took me into the hospital I was going through automatic doors and was thinking they were taking me to hell. And then suddenly I was in my room and the nurse was taking my clothes off and I was in the bed and my mom was crying cause I told her I was on drugs and then the doctor came in and talked( I don't remember what he was saying) but they didn't have to pump my stomach but they had me hooked up to blood pressure machines and my BP was 180/80 and my pulse was 130. They said I was in Tachycardia. Then after a few hours I went home and had to tell my dad what was going on...

Basically I was addicted to DXM it was a bad time for me(and my friend) but I came out of it and am a different person. I Havnt done DXM since that Wednesday. And that's my story!    

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