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900 Mg DXM trip (Sorta)


Substance: DXM Hbr (Robotussin Gel Caps)
Previous Use: Amazonian Mushrooms, Delsym 12 Hr (Polisirex), Weed, Ecstasy (Piss Quality), Alcohol, Salvia

I enjoy experiencing new substances and trying new things so one weekend whilst bored I decided to give robotripping a try. I started with Delsym 12 hour and drank one and a half bottles (Which turned out to be super easy to down) and the high was pretty incredible. It is hard to explain but first it starts out as a real mellow drunk feeling and then the robotic movements (Which I thought was awesomely fun). Then After I got a handle on the Robo moves I started trippin ball sacks. I knelt down on the floor and felt like I was melting into a pile of goo. Not a bad feeling at all actually, pretty enjoyable. I then flipped off the light and enjoyed the most amazing color shows ever. As the light from my window crept in, it played games with my night vision as objects in the room started to melt away and then resolidify, only to melt away. My mind was racing with possibilities, which I recorded in a chat log with my feind on face book. I was having some wild thoughts and ended with me convinced if I made someone think the right thoughts it would kill them. The trip lasted for hours and felt pretty stable. However thats not the trip I truly want to report on.

I gave my body and mind an entire week to recuperate from the Delsym. On friday night after seeing Monsters University (A awesome movie, highly recommend it) I went to Safe Way and picked up 40 capsules of the Robotussin Gel Caps. My logic was that because I handled the Polisitrex well I would graduate myself to the cheaper option of Robo Gels. At midnight I popped down ten capsules. After feeling nothing for thirty minutes I took another ten capsules bringing my DXM total to 300 mg. After ten minutes I was higher than ten motherfucking skydivers. I was not robotripping I was robo flying. I ended up looking at my reflection in the mirror for twenty minutes, observing the fact that if I focused on my face, everything in my peripherals would end up swirling around. 

I then decided I would go big (Remember I was high as fuck) and pop anouther ten. I flipped off the lights as the brightness was making me nausea. I began to really feel chilly so I put on long sleeves and sweat pants. I sat in the darkness and admired the light show. Everything looked liek it was made of gears and motors. The whole world was composed of turning cogs and fly wheels. It was pretty cool. Until the nausea set in. I puked into the toilet a whole lot of red shit. I hadnt eaten at all before my trip, so this was not as rough. Luckily puking while tripping isnt that bad and the relief that comes is very pleasant afterwords. I then decided to pop anouther ten caps bringing my level to 600mg. This should have been a massive trip according to some sights. However, I didn't really feel any different.) I ended up going to sleep shortly afterwords. 

I woke up the next morning feeling blissfully high. I felt light as a feather, like everything was great, I went for a little walk in the forest and waved to all the people on my way. It was a pretty blissful comedown. 

So in a nutshell, I feel like the high was good. The trip was definitely different from the polistirex, It was much less gradual of a come up and hit me hard. The nausea was a let down and i should have prepared better for it. I will work on a way to cut down nausea. Speaking of next time I plan on attempting to do 30 gel caps at once in order to get a higher tier, because i think staggering out the consumption of the gel caps had diffrent effects than if I downed them all at once, because honestly 600 mg seems like a lot of DXM, and the effects just didnt feel 3rd tier like. This could be because I dont have much experience at higher levels, but it just didnt seem to have the same amount of kick they describe online. I am open to any feed back (Except for people being nasty. If you think DXM is a kiddy drug or want to inult me using nasty language just keep it to yourself) and would appreciate any tips on Robo gels and how to cut Nausea.   

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