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Solo, indoor LSD trip

~300ug Best experience of my life.

I've tripped on acid like 12 times, mushrooms about 3 times, 2c-e and 25i-NBOMe each once. So last Saturday i had been planning to trip on some good acid i picked up, the blotters are about 100ug per hit. I wanted a really deep, introspective trip so i decided it would be better to do it at night when i won't be bothered by family members. During the day leading up to the trip, i cleaned my entire house as i believe it's symbolic of clearing your mind which later helps me in the trip.

T-0:00: So when it was dark and my house was tidy, i put 3 blotters under my tongue and jumped in the shower. By the time i was out the shower i had swallowed the acid and went to my room to relax. 

T-0:30: The effects have started to hit me, it was easy at this point. I lay in my bed reflecting on things. About 15 minutes later it all hit me like a ton of bricks, my highest dose before this was 200ug so this was a step up for me. I was immediately overwhelmed by visuals and the feel of energy in my bedroom, i started looking at my walls and my posters and then i started playing with one of those little static balls where you touch it and the electricity comes to your fingers, i was absolutely fascinated by it, the fact that there is electricity flowing through my body blew my mind. 

T-1:30: After playing with the static ball for like half an hour i was really tripping balls, i put in my headphones with the lights off and starting listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall, i lay in my bed listening to the entire album and at some point i experienced complete ego death, i no longer knew who i was, what i was, where i was. All i knew was that energy was flowing through my body like i'd never experienced before. 

T-:???: At this point time didn't even exist, time was incomprehensible, it was a tool used by the man to keep us down, to keep us in routine, to keep us enslaved. I took my headphones out and sat up with my eyes wide open and saying out loud "holy shit... holy shit... holy shit..." over and over. Not in a bad way, i was just so amazed at the realisations i was having. at some point i put my headphones back in and chilled some more.

T-4:00: Somewhere down the line my music stopped but i never noticed. i decided to stand up and walk around my house for some reason, i walked around so cluelessly, i went in pretty much every room in the house, just touching things for no real reason. At this point i kinda remembered where i was. Once i realised that people were in my house i quickly went back to my bedroom and started listening to Dark Side of The Moon.

T-4:30: As i was listening to DSotM, i started feeling a lot better and way more at peace, i felt enlightened, and when the song "Time" came on and the words 
"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day 
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. 
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town 
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way."

And i immediately started reflecting on my own life, i started thinking about how i'm hurt inside and how my rough childhood has effected me as a human being and how i smoke weed to ease the pain i feel, how i just kill my time and wake up one day to just go to sleep and repeat the cycle. I was thinking about how i use psychedelics to learn because my parents never taught me the things i needed to know. I took to my spirit form and looked at my ego and i remember thinking "holy shit, what is this kid doing with his life? i gotta help him" and the two re-merged.

T-???: I lost track of time again at this point and started to sober up, DSotM had finished and i was literally shaking from everything i had just experienced, i was crying hysterically out of pure happiness, love and bliss. Everything was perfect in the world. Everything was one. I decided to listen to some Grateful Dead, it made feel so good and reminded me about the sheer amount of good cannabis had done for me and how big a part of my life it is. How it helped change me from an angry, depressed kid who lashed out on other people and the world all the time to a free-thinking individual who then made the decision to start using psychs, which in turn made me into peace-loving, tie-dye wearing hippie mofo. I put on my green "Don't Panic, it's Organic" jumper and packed a bowl, went outside and smoked it, felt hella good but i made it quick because i could hear "rude boys" approaching but i couldn't see them. I went back inside and spent the next few hours just smoking to good herbs and watching Planet Earth in HD until i went to sleep.

I woke up the next day feeling extremely happy, i felt like my soul had been cleansed and i called two of my best (and only) friends who came round to see me, one of them split the other came with me to the woods where we just chilled and basked in the glory of nature's sheer awesomeness. I was walking past a trail of oak trees and every one of them i just stopped and said "Hello there, mighty oak. You were here before us and you'll be here long after we're gone and i respect you."

Now it's been almost a week since the experience i can say with no doubt it was a very important part of my life, i feel like i've lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, i feel motivated to get some money together so i can pursue my dream of starting my own small, self-sufficient organic farm where i'll just live in peace with the animals and plants <3. I feel so much happier, i feel so much more love, i want to hug every person and every tree i see, i want to strip naked and run through a field with my hair blowing in the wind. I feel so at peace. 

I'm planning to trip again tomorrow, only this time it will be outside in the sun on 100ug, i'll be going to a nice big field so i can take my shoes & socks off and feel the earth beneath my feet. I'll post another trip report :)

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