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Medical Mushrooms

Mushrooms as a natural pain reliever

I believe that mushrooms have some kind of pain relieving quality to them. So I tried an experiment, to test my theory.

Backstory~ I have had severe back due to an injury when I was a child, so I've been dealing with this for years. most of the time it's fine and I feel no pain, but there will be periods of time, sometimes weeks, where it's a constant throbing pain, to the point where I'm hunched over while I walk because I CAN'T stand up. Anyway, It was duing one of these flare up periods that I shroomed with a friend and noticed that my back was 100% pain free. I was dancing around, and twisting, like never before, I felt so rejuvenated and fresh. It was like flipping a switch.

Experiment~ During another flare up, a pretty bad one too, I had sprained my ankle and thought it was a perfect time to try this out. So I took 2 grams of dry GT. 40 mintues later I had swimmy visuals, music sounded off, but I was still in pain, both ankle and back. At an hour and a half after taking them, my back was perfectly fine, I was twisting around with no problems. But my ankle still hurt, but not as noticably. At 2 hours after all pain was gone in both my back and my ankle. I was able to walk around without limping, I was very surefooted, and steady. But I didn't try anything crazy because I didn't want to cause further injury to my ankle. I was then completely painfeel for about an hour, then it slowly came back to my ankle, and eventually my back too. But now, 6 hours after taking the shrooms, my back and ankle hurt less than when I started. 

Results~ I konw for sure that while tripping, I am in a painless state. I plan on experimenting with using small dosages as a natural pain reliever.

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