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A ride on the magic train

I had tried low doses of shrooms two times before this instance, and had never recieved more than a mild body high from them.

I had tried low doses of shrooms two times before this instance, and had never recieved more than a mild body high from them. I had become increasingly interested and finally my friend some how came accross two ounces. My other friend and I each got an eigth and mixed them up with yogurt early on a saturday night.
Within about 45 minutes we both began to trip starting with mild hallucinations such as watching patterns on a couch twist and bend around like taffy. I had always been told by friends that being outside is a much better experience so i talked my friend into going for a walk down the block to a friends house... little did we know that this would be a little more than just a stroll down the street.
We arrived at the house to find it empty, so we spent a while being completely amazed by the piranah in their fishtank eating some goldfish. We then figured it would be a good idea to leave before people came back and found two kids trippin in their house.
We went outside about to go home.... but looked out accross the street and noticed one house a half a block away glowing with a wierd green effect... leaving it alone was not an option so we continued on our journey, guided by the glow, and ended up in a sort of culdesac of green light wich kept us captivated for a while longer... looking up into the eerily glowing orange clouds and the bright stars behind them. We knew that wee would not return home anytime soon, and decided to head accross the street and hike down the bluff we were on towards the river and the industrial area next to it. We stopped many times to observe the mural of city lights in the distance... all tinted orange from our trip.. thinking of going back.. but our imagination kept us walking down... down.. .until we reached the train tracks that ran along the river bank below the bluff looming above us.
Walking slowly down the train track.. we noticed our balance was affected... as if we were drunk.. if we wanted to do somthing.. such as walk a straight line. we had to concentrate on it 100% which was hard, because our minds kept going off on tangents and we kep stopping to observe the city lights playing off the slight waves of the river.
We came to a point on the tracks where we could look up the bluff and see a slight discolration of the hill... a white color. We spent a while arguing over what it could be... then we realized it was a giant stone letter "P" layed into the hill to represent the school that was planted above it on the bluff. We then began our journey up the steep muddy slope of the bluff getting tangled in invisible barbed wire fences (bramble) and clawing to the furry slope for what seemed like hours until we got to the middle of the giant white concrete P. We discovered a makeshift bench in the middle and sat for what seemed like more hours, looking out accross the river to observe the city lights.
We found ourselves engaged in a very spiritual, deep, meaningful state of mind... observing every little detail of the trip. Time slowed for us... we seemed to accomplish a great amount in a short amount of time... i found myself checking my watch every ten minutes just to be suprised at the early time.
We noticed more that we could only do one function at a time... if we went ona tangent to observe a furry and friendly plant... we quickly found our balance to be gone. We also noticed a decrease in our sense of safety. Ww would get lost in thoughts and we would forget where we were and forget that there could be people above us on the bluff listening and watching us. We finally meandered back down the slope with great difficulty... our depth perception had gone.. and looking down at the dark bramble looked like dropping into the forbidden forest... we had to trust our instinct and not our vision. (which took a lot of concentration and convincing). We finally arrived back at the train track.. and decided to keep going further down it... and away from home... safety was not a factor for us.. which could have been bad.
We stopped when we found a pile of white powder that had spilled on the tracks.. and when i bent down to touch it... it suddenly appeared to glow in the dark.. so we painted ourselves with it.
We then become quite perplexed... looking up the bluff at a fall colored tree illuminateed by lights behind it... the more we looked.. the more it glew and shimmerd. it appeared to move as a liquid.. the yellow and red and green mixing together like colors in a pot
Then suddenly... a train began to come around the bluff towards us... we skammpered behind a tree.. scared to be seen. and we waited and... waited.. as the trains slowwwly rolled up to us.. illuminating the surrounding area like it was daylight! Or sense of safety suddenly left us again as we ran and hopped onto the train! We had to concentrate on how fast it was going... it was incredibly hard to judge the speed without 100% concentration... .but we somehow made it onto the train.. and began a magic trainride back to the trail we had started on... watching the city lights again play accross the river.. tthis time not as a still picture but as a film... continousously moving.

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