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Too Rediculous P. Cubensis Ride

And may I say HOLY SHIT

So last night I had what may have been the best journey with these lil guys I've ever had. It started off around 6:20 when I picked up some mushies from my usual channel. Got ahold of a half ounce of em to see if I could spread it out over a couple days and wound back up at my pad about 7:30. I set the mood to sustain my personal satisfaction (yes I know going solo is a no no but I was feeling a little adventurous) black lights, laser machines, fishtanks and all that. And went ahead and chowed down on 7gs of the zoomies in one whack. Waiting for it to set in I threw on "Get Him To The Greek" off Netflix to get the giggles going. 30-45 mins go by and the initial waves of body tingles begin and I feel the best sensation of a journey about to begin than I ever have had off of em. Idk if it is because I was alone or what. But this just felt... different than usual. Suddenly the TV began to be seemingly drawing itself to me as if the picture was more interested in me and my living room than I was of it. The colors coming from my fish tank illuminated past the black lights and lasers bouncing off of it to make shapes of Jonah hill and P. Diddys faces... whether this was image transferring because the movie or just my mind chasing it I don't know. Suddenly the lasers seemed to be redirecting themselves at me as if trying to tell me they want me to come to them. Strangely I could feel them on my skin pricking around and I believed I could hear them zoom in the light past my face. I was able to focus on the TV long enough for the "Jeffrey" scene of the movie... and this is when my experience went from better than usual to outright batshit loco. I almost immediately launched myself from the sofa I have been begged out of for what has seemed like a couple hours and went straight to the table and scarfed down the other quarter of the mush. After realizing what I had just done I pretty much just told my inner self you're welcome and hold on. I recall peaking like this for about an other hour and a half, though it felt like a millennia, mostly consisting of me staring into the laser machine and feeling like I was flying through outer space (I had turned on the fog machine at some point and the lasers were now completely visual to the naked eye, thus furthering my craziness). I was beginning to feel the effects of the new additions. At this point it gets fairly fuzzy, I remember the walls began melting down around me, my clocks spinning backwards, and crying at a picture of tools glued to my toolbox for an extended amount of time... and I vaguely remember a candle following my amongst my apartment. I eventually wandered outside and the change in air temperature caused the most spiritual body high to take hold from the hallucinations. I was clear headed for now and meandered the trails through my apartments staring at the stars, trees, the grass appeared to be moving on its own, not side to side as with wind but it was breathing. Kelidascoping. Welcoming me to walk on it. I lost my flip flops. And looked back at the stars and what I think was a shooting star kick started a wave of VERY vivid visuals. The windows started to jump out of the buildings and plunge beneath the grass like it was water. The stars began rearranging themselves in this manner I can't even describe. I bolted back to the homestead and when I got inside it was like wandering into outer space. The lasers flying through the fog and the impacts dancing around the walls. I woggled to my bedroom where the light of the fish tank was warm and welcoming. I stared at the color changing fish and water throwing shapes onto the ceiling when I heard this laughter coming from the living room. I went to investigate when I realized it was "A Bugs Life" on the TV. Now I've seen this movie and there is no audience style laughing in it. But it was as if the TV was super imposing audience style laughter after ever time Robin Williams says a line in the movie. I was dissecting the picture piece by piece. Somehow rearranging the CGI with my mind and simultaneously being plummeted into the middle of a Robin Williams comedy show with the crowd. It was fantastic. Slowly through the duration of the movie I came down from the visuals and just sat there on my sofa in the most relaxing body high I've had from zoomies until 4 in the morning when I felt I was finally able to go to sleep.

This is my experience folks and I just felt like sharing. Keep on living 

*Edit on Jul 08* Totally just learned today Robin Williams isn't even in that movie. Mind... blown

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