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San Francisco TRIP

Five men's experiences walking about the Hippy City.

My friend and I, (Let's call him D) finally got to do something we've wanted to for a while. Our friend (R) was going to college up in San Francisco and we planned on visiting him. The weekend was filled with fun from strange parties, to meeting his roommates. Two of them, (S and N) and us three were simply thinking of something to do for Saturday night. Unlike the small town we are from, San Francisco actually gets better after 10 P.M. Earlier in the day, R introduces us to his dealer (we'll call him DD just to make it simple lol). Being a pretty cool guy, we traded a quarter ounce of our amazing hydroponic Grape Ape for a quarter ounce of mushrooms. This was my first time really getting to get the effect from mushrooms, and I have learned much about them since then (and since finding this site), so I'll assume these were typical Cube stems. Between us five, we had just enough for 4 doses that DD recommended 1.75. He gave us a full 8 grams so that all five of us could get a good go. S was a little not in the right mindset when we injested, but all was well later. I gave S a few bits of broken stem from mine (I was given a completely unbroken 2-3 inch stem. I believe this may have accounted for a longer trip than everyone else).

It's around 8P.M. when DD leaves R's place, and we all stand around together in the garage. DD gave us some chocolate treats to help chew the shrooms fully, something he strongly suggested. We all eat our shrooms and decide to go smoke a bowl outside. We go back to the main kitchen to just chill for a little. I'm drinking a beer at the table with N and we started discussing how he is from Denmark and I have danish heritage, and skoll (Danish for beer), when almost in synchronous, we all get the urge to go somewhere. We didn't care where, we just figured that walking around San Francisco in the middle of the night would be interesting. Being extremely cold, and that my jacket was taken a previous night by a German girl on molly, I wore R's old poncho, which is quite small on me.

We start walking, and an incredible body high takes over. It's like when you eat WAAAYYY to many edibles, but I wasn't tired. N gets a text from the German girl and her sister while we were walking, asking us to try to meet them at a club in town (at this point IDFK where we were going, S,N, and R know the city well, and R is an experienced psychonaut, so I just kept following him a little). We found one of the MUNI stops and start to wait for our bus. I decide to start looking at the MUNI map, trying to just see what is going on. I keep staring, and the lines of the map start to melt. My mind struggled for a minute to comprehend it all, and once the lines hit the bottom of the map, I had a small panic come over me. I knew the basics of mindset while tripping, and I finally had to use it. I knew it was sending me down a trip I wasn't a fan of, but was intrigued by. N, R, and D all looked at it after I exclaimed that I wasn't "staring at that shit" and were in awe by it. S claimed he hadn't really felt much yet, passed the body high. I avoided the map the rest of the night, but I wish I hadn't still in some way.

S began becoming slightly paranoid. He was focusing on the fact that, indeed, we weren't in the best neighborhood at the time, but that was where he, R, and N were living, so we as a group calmed his ride down. He said he wasn't tripping much, but he mentioned how colors were brighter, and the intense body high the came with. As I did at the beginning, S thought he was getting truely nauseous and sick, but this feeling would come to be almost my most interesting part of the trip for my night.

We make it to the club and N and S go inside to find his German friends. Across the street, R,D, and I all stood next to this brick wall. We smoked a joint when I started to really examine the wall. It became entrancing. First, I started following the pattern of the bricks, when I started to see the wall breathe. D rips my hood off (i think he started getting a little panicky too.) saying "dude, your eyes are huge and you look like a killer in that hoodie." At this point, I suppose to my focus changing, the wall stops breathing and I try to refocus. I keep staring into the wall, watching it breathe again. R walks up to me and asks what I'm doing, I just say "look at the wall". Suddenly, both of us have our eyes glued to it. D does the same, trying to see what we are looking at. We all become entranced in the wall when N and S walk out, without their German friends. They said they were too fucked up too look very hard and couldn't see them where they did try. I, still fully entranced, say nothing. R manages to tell them "look at the wall". There we were, five grown men, staring at a brick wall, and it was wonderful. Everyone is at ease and I close my eyes when a funny image comes into my head. I imagine myself as a police officer, walking up on us from behind. Next, all I say is, "hey, I wonder if a cop came behind us, you know what I'd say?" "What?" says R. "LOOK AT THE WALL". We all start busting out laughing. I regain connection with the wall and allow the breathing to continue. R and N say my name a few times, but I was too in the moment. The wall, as it breathed, seemed to open more and more. Someone, I don't recall who, says "Ok guys, lets get going". I'm quite shroomed out at this point, and like I said, the body high was just INTENSE. "Shh, shh, shh, guys, don't worry, the wall will open for us." They all laugh a bit and N encourages me to stop tripping on the wall.

At this point, we decided to start walking back, and see what the night would bring. We get back on the MUNI and I am standing, it just felt good to stay up and active for some reason. I ended up figuring out that I was standing on the center heel between two cars, which are connected by what looked like, while I was shrooming, a moving accordion. I would spin in the most facinating ways. I could see some of the other MUNI goers looking at me a bit strange, but I hadn't a care in the world. We keep walking around when R and N start talking about Adventure Time. In a flurry, we all start speed walking back to R,N, and S' place to watch us some hallucinogenic goodness. We smoke a joint and continue on our mission.

We get so far, until we got to the liquor store. N, being our Danish friend, wanted to buy some beers. Big cans of Cobra are $1 there, so we all go in to get some. I'm standing in line with my beer, and I notice something is amiss. I finally notice it and ask N, "hey, is the liquor store slanted?" "No, man I don't think so." We spent a long time at the store, or at least it seemed so. It boggled my mind and I didn't feel any slant earlier. We kept walking up their house and finally get in. R recommended that we be quiet as to not wake the main house caretaker, J. J is not a super strict guy, just not always accepting of certain ideas. R figured that if he knew of our state, he'd try to manipulate us while we're shrooming. We end up sitting at the table again, beers in hand, just enjoying the feel of the night. Everyone else, as we were sitting, started saying that they weren't tripping anymore. That was all in exception to me. My visuals had sort of ended, but this neverending feeling of being on a slant persisted the entire night. The table was shorter than it was when we left, one side of the room was taller than the other. I decided to move from the uncomfortable bar stools to the couch and let my head fall back. I finished my beer and relaxed. I didn't sleep until daybreak, and I was still slanted. Everyone else tried keeping themselves occupied. Laptops, beer, conversation, even weed (which isn't common for me to say no to) all left my concious as I just sat back and listened, and relaxed. I let myself drift away nice and slow into one of the best nights sleep I've ever had.

I'd call this a level 2.5, at least what I've learned from this site. Visuals lasted a good couple hours, mildly for a long while and a peak of around 40 minutes (our wall time lol), but that feeling of being slanted lasted me the whole night. My perception was still twisted slightly and all seemed rather unreal. I felt almost a disconnection from the world around me near the end and was inside myself, and it was amazing.

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