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First Shroom Experience at Electric Forest

oh my

We arrived at Electric Forest at about 5pm.  I was very crabby seeing as I was in the car for 5 hours, my tent and mattress were broken, and I hadn't eaten anything since 9am that morning. Around 6pm, my boyfriend said I should eat some dinner, so I snacked a bit on fruit, ate half a lunchable, and boom out of nowhere he throws in some shrooms.  I've been saying I wanted to try shrooms for months and even said that I really wanted to do them at Electric Forest. So ta-dah, there they were. He told me over and over again that I would be fine.  I didn't want to think about it too much because I knew I'd start freaking out and change my mind, so I just ate them, half of an eighth. Everyone said I would be fine with that amount, that it would be good for a first time tripper.

About 25 minutes later, i started feeling flighty.  Thoughts and ideas were flowing out of my mouth and I felt happy about it because people were listening to me and laughing.  It was kind of like I was drunk, and that's how they said it would feel. Awesome! This is cool.  I hope I start to see swirly things and such. Shrooms are pretty cool, why was I nervous?

15 minutes later I start to see some swirly images at things I am looking at. Oooo that looks pretty cool.  I'm pretty thirsty though, can someone get me some water.  2 minutes later no one has got me water.  Why hasn't anyone gotten me water, I am thirsty.  I am THIRSTY, i need water, get me WATER! Babe, please get me water I'm thirsty!! He says I am freaking out.  Well yes I am freaking out, you are moving too slow, why are you moving so slow I need water.  I'm going to pass out, I'm feeling dizzy. I need to lay down.  I'm going to lay down on this ground.  "Babe, get up, you're laying on the dirty ground."  Woah...look at the clouds.  The sky is so pretty.  But I don't feel well.  I'm sick, I'm dizzy, I'm dying. The sky is light outside.  When it starts to get dark, you will know that time is passing and that this is real life and it will be over and you won't feel sick anymore, okay? He starts talking to me. "Babe, come on let's lay in the tent"  I start to get up - he helps to pull me up.  I feel this energy go through me as I stand up. I did it! I stood up! I CAN DO THIS. I AM STRONGER THAN THIS. "I GOT THIS." As soon as I got to the tent, it all went away.  No.  I am going crazy.  What is this world.  Who am I? What am I thinking? Why am I thinking? Why are my thoughts so loud, GO AWAY STOP.  Wow.  Look at this orange tent.  The pictures in this tent.  They are amazing.  It's telling me a story.  I look at my boyfriend.  I ask him when it will be over and he says in a couple hours. A couple....hours? HOURS? What, no, no, this needs to be done now, I want to be normal.  "Babe, I lost my mind. I wast my mind back.  When will it come back?"  He told me I just needed to smile at everything.  So I did.  I smiled even though I wasn't happy.  I didn't help.  My thoughts were too loud.  They told me this was forever. That I was stuck in this feeling and it was going to feel like forever.  I kept looking at the sky.  It was the same color.  People were telling me hours had passed yet the sky was THE SAME DAMN COLOR. How is that possible?  This really is forever.

 I closed my eyes.  Maybe if I fall asleep time will go by faster.  As soon as I closed my eyes, these swirly creatures warped around my brain and started eating me.  I had to open my eyes to get away, but when I opened my eyes there were more things.   Too many things, I couldn't handle it.  I needed to escape for a few minutes - to be normal for a few minutes and gather my thoughts, but the thoughts kept coming and there was no escape.  There never would be.  I started to ruin my boyfriend's trip as well.  He started to not feel well.  I looked at him - he was tall and bubbly looking, the tent around him became a huge overwhelming dome, and his face was melting.  My one hope of sanity was not sane.  I hugged him and closed my eyes and it felt like  I was falling in flashes...like I kept disappearing and reappearing into his arms.  

I sat in that tent for over an hour, feeling like this, fighting my thoughts and arguing with myself.  Help. Me. I want to die.

I heard a voice from outside the tent.  "What are you guys doin in there, let's go to the forest!! It's raining so I got us a ride! Let's go"  It was one of my boyfriend's friends trying to get us to leave.  My boyfriend said "Come on let's go!!" There was no time to think about it, and my first thought was "I'm miserable here, let's try something else because anything else is better than this feeling."  I got out of the tent and ended up laughing hysterically at my boyfriend because his friend had to dress him and put his shirt on because he was tripping so hard. It feels good to laugh. These people are making me feel good.

We hopped on the golf cart and it took off.  Me and my boyfriend sat side by side in COMPLETE awe of the feeling of riding this golf cart.  Looking at each other we both had this look in our eyes that knew how amazing the other one felt.  It felt like we were on Rainbow Road (the one from Mario Kart). It was the most amazing ride I've ever had in my entire life.  That 2 minute ride was unbelievably wondrous and refreshing.  We got into the fest and our friend kept telling us how amazing it was going to be.  Everything me and my boyfriend saw looked amazing though.   But no, no he kept telling us "Wait till you see the forest, just wait till you see it."

Finally, we get to the forest and it blew our mind.  It was unreal.  We asked each other if this was real life about 20 times - and it was a serious question.  Was this real?  Everything glowed and this 3D world became some kind of different dimension.  Everyone we passed by was smiling and made me feel warm inside.  We found our group of friends and I hugged all of them.  I was distracted by the millions of different colors and objects that I started to feel alot more sane.  I looked at the sky and it was FINALLY dark.  That made me feel SO SO SO much better. Time had passed!! I wasn't going to be eternally tripping.  There was an end and the end was near.

At one point, I remember feeling a little bit dizzy and just laying down in the dirt in the forest and telling my boyfriend I was going to pass out.  One of his friend's came and gave me water and got me back up again, and I was feeling better again.

The rest of the trip fizzled out from there, and I was PRAISING GOD that I was turning sober again.  It was the best feeling in the world.  I appreciated life so much better that night.  I think my trip was bad because I didn't eat alot that day so it was a stupid mistake, and I didn't think it would affect my trip as much as it did. Rolling on an empty stomach doesn't affect me so I thought it would be the same case but I was wrong.  My life has forever changed from that trip.  

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