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PNW Solo Woods Camping Trip

To the ends of the earth and beyond

Thought I'd share my recent experience.

A little background. I live in the PNW and have been an avid mushroom hunter my entire life; edible mushrooms that is. I only recently got into those so called "magic" varieties and am looking forward to this fall season where I will start paying more attention to those LBMs that grow everywhere.

I went to a familiar camping site of mine out in the woods. It is far from anything or anyone. There is a large stone fire pit and a rushing creek. It was a hot day.

I had 7g of shrooms total and at 4:22 I consumed 4 complete mushrooms stem, cap and all. I washed them down with OJ and was sipping on some tonic water as well. Less that half of the 7g. As usual, i began to feel nausea and eventually I did throw up (mostly OJ). I had a mattress and blankets laid down in the bed of my truck and laid there for awhile until my stomach settled. Around me the forest was alive with sounds. The rushing creek sounded like a seas of whispers and laughs. Before I knew it I was well into it.

On my 2  previous trips I had experienced some amazing visuals and good feelings. This one was something different.

I paced up and down the dirt road near my camp for hours. I began to realize I didn't know where I was. Physically I knew where, I was but temporally I did not. I did not know which trip I was on. Voices seemed to speak all around me; a boom one repeating "Deep inside the mushroom trip". Everything went away. Past and present and future merged into one clamorous event. I saw myself taking the mushrooms but did not know which time it was. I felt the awe inspiring presence of the earth around me, my hand gelled into the star shaped moss. My feet seemed heavy with mycellium, I was walking the path of the ancestors, through them with them. I felt joy and bliss the likes of which I could never imagine. I walked and I breathed and moaned in pleasure and passion. Above and around it all melted. Trees sprouted and grew and the river flooded up out of its banks and washed over everything in a pale mist. The stream spoke as a thousand voices and from the corners of my eyes I could see the faces peeking out from around trees and under mushroom caps. I walked and everywhere I went I found the mushroom. The blooming bear grass around me became mushrooms. I felt the spores inside me. All the women I've ever loved or wanted to, blended into a congealment of mermaids swimming up a long vaginal slit that poured down the stalk of the mushroom and the voice kept sounding "Deep inside the mushroom trip". Each step resounded all around me and I looked down on my self from above, the dark waves of mycelial threads running up all my exposed flesh. I remember saying over and over again: "This is the way. It is all gone. This is the way." I was safe and filled with content even though I was sure there was nothing else. i could not remember if there was anywhere to go back to. I did not remember normal. The question of control was completely moot. there was no going back , there was no back, only the moment, which was all moments and none The sky and clouds boomed out so blue and bright and shot down around me blending with earth and ground. The road stretched on forever and ever time I paced up and down it it shifted and became anew. my body shrunk down beneath me and I was a child, then a fetus, then a prism of light and I watched time implode into the core, the primordial place that all matter came from.  Mushroomilto spoke in me and through me "deep inside the mushroom trip" boomed out as if someone was documenting me.

I came to on a final walk back to my camp. Time rushed in around me, or rather a return to the present. Tracers of past and future stayed on but soon faded away. I laid in the bed of my truck emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I laid down about 9:30 pm. I slept and awoke the next morning feeling rather drained. Packed up, drove back to town and took a nice relaxing day. I realized at some point during my trip I got out my digital voice recorder and spoke into it for several hours. i have yet to listen to it. :)

Today (2 days later) I still feel a little off and have only shared my experience with one other person. I cant imagine going much deeper and coming back. It was an experience that has changed my life and perception of everything around me. I can't imagine having another person with me during the trip.

I can still hear the booming voice "Deep inside the mushroom trip." it is all around me.

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